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Periya Thirumozhi 4.1- "kaaraandha thirumEni KaNNan amardhu uRaiyum idam.."

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Date: Tue Jun 29 1999 - 05:19:27 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Emperumaan- the One to whom   brahmins offered their salutations(3.9) and 
surrendered saying "Hari! We surrender to Your Lotus Feet", at arimEya 
viNNaragam, is here at ThirutthEvanaar  thogai in as much as He is present 
at ThiruupaaRkadal (Milk Ocean) at all times-says AzhwAr.

1.  Sriya: Pathi- Madhavan's permanent residence is this Thirunaangoor 
ThirutthEvanaar thogai, situated on the southern banks of well  spread river 
MaNNi. The flowers that bloom at the correct season, in a dense manner are 
collected by this river's noisy waves to the fields at the shores, where the 
bees sing "thEthhu"... (sort of humming).

2. (an excellent Pasuram!) "yaavaiyumaay yaavarumaay yezhil
vEdhap poruLgaLumaay/ moovarumaay mudhalaaya moortthi
amarndhu uRaiyum idam.."- Chethanas, achEthanas (being,
non-being)- everything's cause is He; the essence and content of
Vedas is He; He is the One who is the Trinity for creation,
destruction and protection and is the antharyaami for Brahma and
Sivan- He stays at ThirutthEvanaar thogai at all times. This place is
where people have conquered even kings, (who hold strong battle
weapons, and who fight riding on the horses); where Devas come
to pay obeisance to this Lord; where, there are dense gardens found

3. "vaaNaadum maNNaadum maRRumuLLa palluyirum/
thaanaaya emperumaan thalaivan amarndhu uRaiyumidam"
Parampadham, the earth below, the lives that live in all other words
even, - are all His property; He is such Greatest Lord; - that
SarvEshawaran resides at ThirutthEvanaar thogai, where the
rich (with bhakti) brahmins live; where there are lovely gardens
with fresh fragrant honey dripping flowers bloom in large numbers.

4. "indranum, imaiyavarum, munivargaLum, yezhilamaindha/
chandhamalarch chathurmukhanum, kadhiravanum, chandranum/
"enthai enakku aruL" yena, ninRu aruLum idam..."
DevEndran, other Devas, sanakaadhi rishis, Brahma (one who is
blessed to have learnt all Vedas, born of Lotus), Sooryan (Sun),
Moon, et al, appeal to Him with folded hands "Oh our father!
Please bless us". and SarvEshwaran heeds to their request
and is present at ThirutthEvanaar thogai to bless them. It is
a beautiful place with lots of gardens.

5. "anDamum, alai kadalum, avanigaLum, kulavaraiyum/
uNda piraan uRaiyum idam..." The Universe, the wavy Oceans,
the jambhudhveepam (earth and other planets), the mountains,
etc.. were all simply swallowed by Him (during Cosmic cycle) in
order to protect them; Such Most Merciful, upakaarakan- is here
at ThirutthEvanaar thogai, where most valuable stones/gems
like Diamond, golden particles and sandal, agil, are all collected
or swept aside by the noisy waves of the river maNNi; where
strong people reside.

6. (Beautiful!) "jnAlamellam amudhu seydhu naanmaRaiyum
thodaraadha / Baalakanaay aalilaiyil paLLikoLLum paraman
idam.."As a small Boy, He swallowed the whole Universe, and
reclined on the Banyan leaf- such Greatest Sarvaadhikan-
SarvEshwaran - can not be described in full, even by the greatest
of Great proofs (pramaaNams), i.e. four Vedas- Such Most
Wonderful Lord resides (such a sowlabhyan is He!) at
ThirutthEvanaar thogai, where there are densely grown
red paddy fields, (in which fishes jump hither and thither),
on the southern banks of river MaNNi.

7. "odaadha vaaLairiyin uruvaagi hiraNyanai/ vaadaadha
vaadaadha vaLLugiraal piLandhanaindha maaladhidam.."
The impossible (phenomenon of) Lion faced Human form,
Lord Narasinghan, appeared (to adhere to Brahma's boon
conditions in toto), and tore the chest of hiraNyan with His
straight, sharp, nails. Such Most strongest Lord resides at
this sthlam of ThirutthEvanaar thogai, where it is required
to only write down volumes of books about the wealth of
the residents of this place; where gardens surround the whole
place with lots of fresh flowers..

8. "vaaraarum iLa~nkongai maithiliyai maNam puNarvaan/
kaaraarthiN chilaiiRuttha thanikaaLai karudhumidam.."
In order to marry Maithili (the princess of Mithilaa), the most
feminine and Beautiful One, the unparalleled Chakravartthi Thirumagan, Sri 
Raman broke the most strongest bow effortlessly. Such Greatest Lord, 
SarvEshawaran resides at this sthalam of
ThirutthEvanaar thogai, where people (of great unbounded
immeasurable wealth  and those who recite Vedas, stay; where
the place is full of gardens with beautiful flowers .

9. "kumbhamigu mathayaanaip paaganodu kulaindhuveezhak/
koMbhadhanaip paRitthu yeRindha kootthan amarhdu uRaiyum idam.." With large 
head, the strong Kuvalayaapeetam elephant, along
with its mahout were made to fall on the ground dead by Lord
KaNNan,(the dancer), when He broke the tusks of the strong elephant 
effortlessly. Such Strongest Lord resides at this sthalam of
ThirutthEvanaar thogai, where the most fragrant seNbhaga
flowers bloom; where the red golden ramparts surround the whole

10. "kaaraandha thirumEni KaNNan amardhu uRaiyum idam.."
The Most Beautiful dark hued, cloud coloured (in Divine form)
KaNNan, most willingly resides permanently at this sthalam
of ThirutthEvanaar thogai, which is surrounded by beautiful
gardens. About this, Thirumangai AzhwAr sang this ten, and those
who recite them, will be BLESSED TO STAY ALONG WITH

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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