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PeriyAzhwAr Thirunakshathram- why is he called PeriyAzhwAr?

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 17:15:24 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Last 24th was Aani Swathi PeriyAzhwAr Thirunakshathram. It is adiyEn’s 
intent to ramble something on “Periya AzhwAr”. ( based on an excellent 
article released as 75th Thirunakshathra malar for Swami Sri U Ve Purisai 

Soodikkoduttha Naacchiyaar- GodhA PiraaTTi’s dear father is PeriyAzhwAr, 
VishNu Chitthar or Bhattar Piraan. Since his mind was always on VishNu, he 
was called VishNu chitthar. He was conferred by the Pandya king, 
Vallabhadevan, the title of Bhattar Piraan, when he uttered Vedic statements 
to prove Parathvam of Sriman Narayanan and was given a bag of gold coins.

Swami Desikan says (in GodhAsthuthi) in “thaathasthu thE madhumidha…”slOkam, 
the last line “lEbE mahattharapadhaanuguNam prasaadham..” Because You had 
adorned Yourself with those garlands, Emperumaan conferred Your father with 
the title “mahattharapadham” (PeriyAzhwAr..)

Sri Manavala maauni says
“mangaLaasaasanatthil maRRuLLaazhwArgaL/
thangaarvaatthaLavu thaananRi- ponghum/
parivaalE villiputthoor bhattar piraan peRRaan/
periyAzwArennum peyar.

Due to that pongum parivu, He was called “PeriyAzhwAr”- says Yatheendra 

Now, just for our enjoyment: - Why should VishNu chitthar be called

It should have been NammAzhwAr more suited for this “Periya AzhwAr” title 
for 1. being in AchArya Parampara 2. For being an avayavi with all other 
AzhwArs as his parts of the body. or It should have been PeyAzhwAr (who is 
called mahathaahvayar), who burst out with ThirukkaNdEn ponmEni kaNdEn ..

But it is VishNu chitthar who is called PeriyAzhwAr.- WHY???

1. NammAzhwAr: He sang 1000’s . But till the tenth decad, He was
longing to join Emperumaan. He declares only in 10.10..
“ini naan pOgalottEn...onRum maayam seyyEl ennaiyE…” (Hereafter
I shall never ever leave You; Don’t deceive me and leave me..). So
When NammAzhwAr was almost through in 10.10, he declared that
he would NOT let Emperumaan go away from him. Since it is only
in the fag end of Thiruvaymozhi, NammAzhwAr loses the race of being
called “PeriyAzhwAr”.

2. pEyAzhwAr: Mahadhaahvayar: He was blessed with the vison
of Lord even before AzhwAr started compsoing pAsurams. But AzhwAr
did never get that fear of losing Him and did not utter to that effect. He 
just said “ThirukkaNdEn pon mEni kaNdEn..” He was blessed
With the saakshaathkaaram like what Dhruvan  was blessed with.
Since AzhwAr did not have fear of losing Him, nor was he worried
about and started with his kshEthraadnam with other two AzhwArs,
pEyAzhwAr loses the race.

Now, what about PeriyAzhwAr? He was blessed with Emperumaan’s
Kattaksham on GarudA and that’s when AzhwAr burst out with “long
live; long live”

The Lord, Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan appeared on Garuda to enjoy and 
witness His bhaktha’s success, Bhattar Piraan’s procession on elephant along 
with whole lot of citizens of Pandya kingdom. That’s when VishNu chitthar 
saw the Most exquisitely Beautiful Emperumaan on Garuda and with the 
outburst of “Pongum Parivu” (as
nicely explained by Sri Manvala maamuni)  (aiyO! ivLO azhagaa irukkaanE! 
VeLiyE vandhuttaanE! KaN padumE!” ), sang PallaaNdu, PallaaNdu… Long live 
and Long live Your Lotus Feet!

PeriyAzhwAr, the moment he sings first pAsuram “pallaaNdu, pallaaNdu,
He gets worried whether he will lose this Bhagyam of having Him as He
Was present in front of AzhwAr. Immediately, he sings(“adiyOdum ninnOdum 
PirivinRi aayiram pallaaNdu..”) Long live Your relationship with me… (Your 
eternal servant) without any gap /separation and then only, AzhwAr proceeds 
to even pray for PiraaTTi and other PanchAyudhams.

Since he has realised this, and sought for an eternal bondage with the Lord 
right in the first two pAsurams itself, He ALONE DESERVES BEING CALLED 

(If there’s anything good in this write up, the credit goes to the author 
who had written in Tamil. Any errors/faults are only MINE. )

PeriyAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

P.S Sri MG Vasudevan's "idO Or aRpudham" is SUPERB...... Great Vasudevan 

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