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Periya Thirumozhi 3.10- "Hari! We Surrender to Your Feet!"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 02:54:01 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Emperumaan, who removes the sorrows of His devotees and helps them, is
the only refuge for us. He, stays along with His Divine Consorts, at
Thirunaangoor arimEya viNNagaram Divya dEsam. Nithyars,
immeresed in His Anantha kalyANa guNAs, come in groups, to
this temple to pay Their obeisance. "oh mind! you also go there and
hold on to this SarvEshwaran and alleviate your grievances!" says
Thirumangai AzhwAr in 3.10 of Periya Thirumozhi!

1. Emperumaan, along with Periya PiraaTTi and
BhUmi PiraaTTi (on His both sides), resides here. He showers
His grace on His devotees, and lets their sins run away from them.
Here,  people from all seven worlds pay their obeisance and so do
Nithyasooris.. This sthalam of Thirunaangoor arimEya viNNagaram
is one of the places where Brahmins live. .It is very beautiful with
cool, fertile fields and ponds, where the trees have grown so tall
to hide and cover even the sky. . oh mind! you do a favour for me. Go here 
and pay obeisance to Him at this sthalam!

2. This Perumaan holds the strongest ChakrA so gracefully and
so charmingly, that had destroyed NarakAsuran. When Devas
offered their salutations and pleaded Him for their help, He used
the Manthara mountain for churning the ocean to get Nectar (amudham)
and distributed to Devas. He is the Most precious - most valuable "MaNi" 
(Jewel); He is my Araa amudhan (insatiable nectar). Such Greatest 
Emperumaan, stays here most willingly at this Thirunaangoor
arimEya viNNagaram, where beautiful (tEjasvis), rich (with jnAnam)
brahmins, who learn everyday Vedas, seven swaras, and get further
enrichment and live like the BrahmA. Oh mind! Hold onto
this Emperumaan of arimEya viNNagaram and offer your

3. Devas, the residents of seven lokas, the seven oceans, were all
swallowed by Him; Such Greatest Lord is He. This Lord, (due to
His Greatest Sowlabhyam), appeared among cowherd folks, and
blessed them with great excitement, breaking the sharp tusks of
Kuavayaapeetam elephant and holding the locks of Kamsan to
destroy Him. Where doe He live? Thirunaangoor arimEya
viNNagaram, where sharp spear like, darting eyed beauitful
girls drink the honey that drips from the jack fruits which show
the white pearls and yellowish golden inner portions. oh mind!
pay your obeisance to this Emperumaan!

4. The Most Strongest, unparalleled Lord- the One who had
appeared as Narasinghan for saving Prahalada, held
the strong hiraNyan, and tore his chest with His sharp
bent, nails and blessed Prahalada. Such Most Merciful Lord
is here at Thirunaangoor ArimEya viNNagaram, where Jasmine,
senkazhuneer, beautiful Serunthi, sheNbhagam flowers bloom
in lovely gardens, inside which the sugar canes are boiled, the smoke
arsising out of which spreads everywhere; oh my dear mind!
go reach this place and pay obeisance to Him!

5. Enchanting the hearts of everyone who saw the little brahmin
boy (Vaamanan) who appeared in the yaagha salai of mahAbhali.
He took a small innocent boyish form and begged bhali for
three measures of earth. He TOOK the H... U.... G....E... form
("kaaNmeengaL ulagattheerE enRu kaNmugappE nimirndha.")
as Thrivikraman and measured (within a fraction of seconds?)
the seven worlds, the seas, the Universe, everything.. Such
Most Greatest Lord is here at this sthalam of arimEya viNNagaram,
where, next to the dense gardens, the reverberating divine mangaLa
vaadhyams, the humming of bees after drinking honey from most
fragrant flowers, the recitation of rare Vedic hymns, the rhythmic
sound from anklets of women folks, the oceanic waves that raise so high to 
reach the edge of the Universe even- such beautiful place is
Thirunaangoor arimEya viNNagaram. Oh mind! Hold onto the
Emperumaan of this Divya dEsam and offer your salutations!

6. In order to bring back the spear like sharp long, dark, darting
beautiful eyed, the most fragrant flower bedecked haired SitA
PiraaTTi, Chakravarthi Thirumagan, Sri Rama most gloriously
fought with the king of lankA, rAvaNan and bent His strong
bow to let rAvaNA's ten heads and twenty hands fall down..
This Greatest Lord is the chief of Nithyasooris; He is unparalleled,
unmatched Lord. He, willingly stays at this sthalam of Thirunaangoor
arimEya viNNagaram, where the beautiful young women folks (with
long sharp sword like eyes), when harvesting cut the paddy fields,
along with the lotus flowers plants, and during the process, they collect 
the pearls (rice grains) that drop off from such fields (what a poetic 
beauty!) Oh my mind! Pay obeisance to Emperumaan of this sthalam!

7. (in the next three pAsurams, AzhwArs enjoy KaNNan!)
The cunning, cruel Kamsan sent dhEnukan (asuran came
as a calf), Poothanai (the raakshasi), who were all effortlessly
finsihed off by Kutti KaNNan, the Lord who gave Manmathan
(cupid); the Lord, who is of dark hued Divine Body. This most
Greatest Lord, is residing here at Thirunaangoor arimEya
viNNagaram, where the waves when reaching the banks, gather
pearls at the respective banks; where brahmins, (who have the
mind that is most suited for Bhagavath Vishayam, by uttering the
manthras on Emperumaan with their mind and tongue, learning
four Vedas, five Yaaghams, and six parts (a~ngas of Vedas), and all
other saasthra) reside. oh mind! reach this greatest place and pay
obeisance to Emperumaan!

8.  This Young lad, Emperumaan KaNNan, is the One who threw and hit
the dhEnukaasuran (who had appeared as a calf to kill Kutti KaNNan)
against the viLaampazha tree, and killed him (in turn used the asurA
to let the fruits fall from the tree so that His cowherd friends can enjoy 
eating them.. ("kanRinai vaalOlai katti kanigaL uthira yeRindhu..") This 
Lord KaNNan, took the Beautiful Cowherd boy from, in order to let everyone 
enjoy His Divine Beautiful Divya mangaLa ThirumEni which of dark hued cloud 
like colour; This Lord is the One who lifted effortlessly the massive huge 
mountain of Govardhanam for protecting the cattle and calves from the heavy 
downpour, the One who danced with the pot.
He out of His own, willingly, stays at this sthalam of Thirunaangoor
arimEya viNNagaram, where there are tall buildings / ramparts (on the top of 
which there are flags hoisted), towers (gOpurams), Yaaghasalais, etc.. and 
where brahmins gather in hroups and recite due to which there are always 
great (divine) sound, the humming of bees that drink the honey from flowers 
inside the dense gardens, - such Greatest sthalsm is this.
Oh mind! Hold on to Emperumaan of this sthalam and offer your salutaions!

9. The Lord, Kutti KaNNan, who had drunk the life of Poothanai
(who had come to get Him); who had eaten curd, butter (by stealing);
who had destroyed Kamsan; who had eaten the whole world (during
PraLayam and later showed in His "kutti" mouththe Universe to
YasOdha); - this Lord stays as His Best place to reside in this sthalam of 
Thirunaangoor arimEya viNNagaram, where the Vedic brahmins pay their 
"anjali" and pray to Him " Hari! Only Your Lotus Feet alone are our refuge! 
We surrender to Your Lotus Feet!", where the sandal, golden particles are 
collected at the banks of Cauveri due to waves hugging the shores; where 
fields have grown very tall touching even the clouds, and are full of pearls 
in them- such most Beautiful place is this sthalam- oh mind! Hold on to Him 
in this sthalam and pay obeisance!

10. The Lord who had fought and killed the seven big strong bulls
for the sake of Nappinnai PiraaTTi, and hugged the shoulders of
Her, is staying at this Divya Desam of Thirunaangoor arimEya
viNNagaram. Thsoe who come here are the likes of Brahma and
Sivan et al. This Thirumozhi (of ten pAsurams) on this Lord
of this Divya Desam wascomposed by Kaliyan of Thirumangai,
having the long sharp spear in his hand. Those who read (or recite)
this ten will be the greatest of great men this world, reach
Sri Vaikutam and be praised there too by everyone there! (mukthars,
nithyars and Divya Damapthi)

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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