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Bhakti List on Vacation (Jun 21-26)

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 03:25:36 PDT

Dear Members,

For various reasons, the Bhakti List will be 
"on vacation" from June 21 to 27 (Monday
through Sunday).  In other words, no posts
or subscription requests will be accepted 
for this week, nor will I personally be able
to respond to any email. I hope this is no 
inconvenience for anyone. We have experienced a 
torrent of posts of late, so I am sure there 
is no lack of reading material!

In the meantime, please fill out the following
reader survey and send me a reply as soon as 
possible. I don't get enough feedback from 
Bhakti List members (there are well over 300
now), so it's hard to judge whether the Bhakti
email is serving its readers.

I would like a reply from all subscribers, whether
contributors or silent readers. Please oblige me --
this is the only way I can improve the list. Send
your responses to

All responses will be kept completely private.


1) Do you subscribe to the digest or message-by-message

2) How often do you read Bhakti email? Do you read
   every word, just delete them and go on, or something
   in-between? Please explain.

3) Would you say there is too much Bhakti List email to
   go through? Would you like the number of messages
   per day decreased? Increased?

4) Are the posts, for the most part, comprehensible?
   Is there too much Sanskrit, or Tamil? Do authors  
   on the whole make sense to you?

5) Does Bhakti List email enrich your life? Do you
   find it useful? 

6) What is the biggest shortcoming of the Bhakti List?
   Feel free to elaborate.

7) What is the greatest strength of the Bhakti List?

8) If there were one thing you could change about the 
   Bhakti List, what would it be?

9) Do you think you are getting reasonable exposure
   to the Sri Vaishnava tradition through the Bhakti List?