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thoo nilA muRRam - part 38 - Ubaya pradhAna divya dEsam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Jun 20 1999 - 18:35:10 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 38 - Ubaya pradhAna divya dEsam

Sri sArngarAja parabrahmanE nama:
AchAryan thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

	In front of the moolavar, Ursavar is appearing with chathur
bhujam. He has all the pancha  Ayudhams  in  HIS hands of which the
most prominent is HIS sArngam. He also sports with a abaya mudhrai.
The moolavar HIMself is offering this ursavar kOlam. The ursavar is
mainly addressed as Sri sArnga pAni.  It is very important  to note
that the beauty  of  this ursavar  is also very great as similar to
Sri Vaduvoor Ramar and Sri Oppiliappan.  The  sArngam  in  HIS hand
seems real and  a vibration is felt in the air when we are close to
this ursavar. There is a real lively smile that one  can definitely
see in this ursavar's thiru muga mandaLam making  us feel the truth
that  this  anubavam is not dreaming but lively!

	This divya darishanam is similar to  how one  can  see  the
"narambu" or green nurves on  the  thirumEni of  Sri vaduvoor Ramar
(also ursavar) and how one can see the thazhumbu or  scars  on  Sri
pArthasarathy's forehead and waist (dAmodharan) and the  same  scar
on Sri Ranganathar moolavar as dAmodharan, and  the  winning  smile
from Sri namperumAL and the ever present enchanting smile  from Sri
Ponnappan the Oppiliappan ursavar.

      This temple perform utthama poojai and hence it has the yAga,
bali, snAna and suya nArrcchai are present to the left  of  Ursavar.
In  this temple ursavar is treated "on par" with all  due protocols
as similar to the moolavar and hence  this  kshEthram is also known
as ubhaya pradhAna kshEthram.  Ursavar  is  given  with   all   the
mariyAdhai as similar to Moolavar. One who is traditionally present
in all divya desams as the uabayavar (Ursavar) is  also  given  the 
pradhAnam here thereby making this as the ubhaya pradhAna kshEthram. This is 
the only kshEthram among the 108 Divya dEsams that has this  unique aspect. 
The ursavar is also known as Sri  sArngadharan,  Sri sArngEsan, and Sri 
SArnga rAjan.

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan


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