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Sri NaarayaNIyam: 99th Dasakam-4th slOkam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 19 1999 - 06:35:47 PDT

Dear Sri KrishNa BhakthAs :

There is a special reason for my writing 
on the Veda sambhandham of the 99th & 100th 
Dasakams of Sri NaarAyaNIyam .These postings 
are in the context of a major announcement of
a kaimkaryam that is nearing completion for 
the JanmAshtami celebration of Sri KrishNA 
on September 2 this PramAthi year .An ardent devotee
of Sri KrishNA is taking this initative and
you will learn more about this directly 
from this devotee on September 2 .Seventy five
days remain for this auspicious announcement . 

Fourth SlOkam of the 99th dasakam 

In the third slOkam , Sri NaarAyaNa Bhattadhiri
sought the boon from GuruvAyUrappan for 
Bhagavannama Keerthana sampath to gain
the true comprehension of the svarUpa Jn~Anam
of the Lord . Here , in the fourth slOkam ,
he appeals to the aasthikAs to practise 
dhyAnam of the divya leelAs of the Lord 
of Sri Vaikuntam ( Sriman NaarAyaNa svarUpi,
Sri GuruvAyurappan ) .The slOkam takes on
the following form and is an essence of
the Vedic appeal housed in Rg Vedam .That 
Rk is :

VishNO: karmANi pasyatha yathOvrathAni paspasE ,
Indrasya YujyassakhA I( Rg Vedam :I.22.19)

tadhvishNO: paramam padham SadhA pasyanthi Sooraya:
dhivIva chakshurAtatham I(Rg Vedam:I.22.20)

TadhviprAsO vipanyavOjAgruvAMsasamindhathE 
VishNOryath Paramam Padham I( Rg Vedam : I.22.21)

(Meaning ): Behold and contemplate(meditate )
on the marvellous creation of the Lord , who
fulfills our earnest supplications and responds
to our noble aspirations . He is a true friend 
of Indran (I.22.19).

The wise and the sincere seekers of the Lord 
have Brahma SaakshAthkAram ( the darsana 
soubhAgyam of the Lord in Sri Vaikuntam )
through meditation of Him within their own self;
they experience (see) Him vividly as the eye sweeps
over the wide sky(I.22.20).

Through transcendental meditation and pious
acts , the earnest seeker of the supreme Truth 
experiences the presence of the Lord in his innermost 
heart cavity , which is the supreme abode of the Lord
as antharyAmi Brahman .  (Rg Vedam: I.22.21).

Sri Bhattadhiri summarizes the meanings of these 
three profound Rks of Rg vedam in his fourth
slOkam recited in front of the Lord of 
GuruvAyUr as NaarAyaNa sabdham generated by
the BhakthAs rang in his ears . This 4th slOkam is:

VishNO: karmANi sampasyatha 
manasi sadhA yai: sa dharmAnabhadhnAdh 
yAnIndhrasyaisha bhruthya:priyasakha 
iva cha vyAthanOth KshEmakAree I

EekshanthE yOgasiddhA: parapadham-
anisam yasya samyak prakAsam  
ViprEndhrA jaagarUkA:kruthabahu-
nuthayO yaccha nirbhAsayanthE II

Veda Manthram (Rg I.22.19) starts with
the passage : VishNO: karmANi pasyatha 
(Behold and contemplate on the marvellous
creation of the Lord ; Sri NaarAyaNIya 
slOkam starts paraphrasing this Veda Manthram:
VishNO; KarmANI sampasyatha .From there on
the mapping of the words of Veda Manthram 
by the great scholar-cum-poet-cum KrishNa
BhakthA , Sri NaarAyaNa Bhattadhiri reaches
great heights as seen below .

The other equivalent passges between the above Veda
manthrams and this Sri NaarAyaNIya slOkam are :

yathOvrathAni paspasE--Vedam
manasi sadhA yai: sa dharmAnabhadhnAdh--4th Slokam

Indrasya YujyassakhA --Vedam
Indrasyaisha Bhruthya: priya sakha 
iva KshEmakAri --4th SlOkam of 99th Dasakam 

TadhvishNO: paramam padham sadhA 
pasyanthi Sooraya: dhivIva 
chakshurAthatam --Vedam 
EekshanthE yOgasiddhA: para padham
anisam yasya samyak prAkAsam --4th slOkam

tadhviprAsO vipanyavOjAgruvAmsas-
ViprEndhrA JaagarUkA:kruthabahu-
nuthayO yaccha nirbhAsayanthE--4th SlOkam

As we compare the Rg Vedic passages with
the four quarters of the 4th SlOkam of 
the 99th Dasakam , one can not but marvel at 
the mighty and tight mapping between them
in the meanings . This 4th slOkam again
is Veda Saaram .

(meaning of the 4th SlOkam ): Oh wise people of
this world ! Please meditate on the adhbhutha Charithram 
of our Lord VishNu-SvarUpi , Sri KrishNan ! He is the One ,
who blesses the adhikAris ( qualified ones ) to perform 
the appropriate karmAs (Yaagam, Yaj~nam ,AarAdhanam, sthuthi )
that yield auspicious phalans ; He is the One , who is 
the dear friend of Indran and the world and acts as 
the servant as well and protects us as our KshEmakAri
( one who has said as a KshEmakAri , " Yoga KshEmam
VahAmyaham " ); in this role , He (VishNu) destroys 
our internal and external enemies ; He performs 
sadhupadEsam Himself through the VyAjam of instructing
ArjunA with His charama slOkam and makes it possible for
us to receive such sadhupadEsam through SadAchAryAs .
The exalted abode of this Sriman NaarAyaNan is meditated
upon by the sages with great alertness always and 
they celebrate that supreme abode of the Lord 
and its significance through their auspicious 
eulogies . Oh blessed and wise people of the World !
Please join these sages in their acts of such celebration 
and glorification of the Lord's auspicious charithram 
to overcome the bonds of puNyama nd Paapam that bind you
to SamsAram and punarAvrutthi .

When the dear devotee of Sri GuruvAyUrappan , 
Sri NaarAyaNa Bhattadhiri declared that the dhyAnam
of the Lord's avathAra LeelAs (VishNO: KarmANi)would
eliminate our bhandham that keeps us as Bhaddha Jeevans ,
Sri KrishNan from inside His grbha graham nodded 
His head in approval of the statement of His Bhakthan .
Such indeed is the glory of this fourth slOkam .

Sri GuruvAthapureesaaya namO nama:
adiyEn,Oppiliappan Koil  VaradAchAri SadagOpan