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The Fifth SlOkam of the 99th Dasakam of Sri NaarAyaNIyam of NaarAyaNa Bhattadhiri

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 19 1999 - 06:35:57 PDT

Dear KrishNa BhakthAs :

In the fifth slOkam , Sri Bhattadhiri 
describes the mahimai of Bhagavaan's nAmam.
He paraphrases his upadEsa slOkam on three
ancient Rg Veda Manthrams :

na thE VishNO jaayamAnO na jaathO dEvamahimna:
--First half of the Rg Vedam : VII.99.2

(Meaning ): Oh, Sarva VyApi VishNu !No divine or 
human being that exists today or to be born ever 
has been competent to utmost limit of Your mahimai.

prathatthE ahdya Sibhivishta nAmArtha:
SamsAmi vayunAni VidhvAn I
Tamm thvAgruNAmi tava samatavyAn kshayanthamasya 
rajasa: parAkE II
Rg Vedam: 7.100.5

(Meaning ):Oh Omnipresent VishNu with the radiant halo
of light (Sibhivishta)! May I present myself before You
as the head of the family fully cognizant of my functions
that are to be known ( qualified YajamAnA of this Yaj~nam ) 
and commence the glorification of Your divine name today ? 
Feeble as I am , I venture to praise You , who is 
the most powerful One and who live even beyond the remotest
region of Your creation (in Sri Vaikuntam ). 

The whole section of Rg Vedam Canto 7.99 and
7.100 provide inspiration for the 99th and the 100th
Dasakam of Sri NaarAyaNIyam .Each of the Rks of the 99th
and the 100th sections of Rg Vedam are profound salutations 
to VishNu NaarAyaNan . Following are some examples
of the Veda sthuthi of our Lord :

parO MathrayA tanvA vrudhAna na thE 
mahithvamanvasnuvanthi --Rg Vedam VII.991.1
( O All-pervading VishNU expanding Your 
subha tanu( auspicious body ) beyond conceivable
limits , no one can comprehend the magnitude
of Your illustrious glories !)

iyam manIshA bruhathi bruhanthOrukramA 
tavasA vardhayanthi --Rg Vedm: I.99.6
( This profound laudation is intended to salute 
and celebrate the Lord as the Lord of Resplendence 
and Omnipotence as the mighty , the wide-striding
ThrivikramA of incomparable strength ). 

pra VishNurasthu tavasasthavIyaAnthvEsham 
hyasya shtavIrasya Naama--Rg Vedam : VII.100.3
(May the all-pervading /sarva -VyApi Lord ,
the most powerful among powerful , rule over us.

Vi chakramE prthivimEsha yEthAm 
KshEhtrAya VishNurmanushE dasasyan I
dhruvAsO asya kIrayO janAsa
urukshitham sujanimA chakAra II
--Rg Vedam : VII.100.4
(With the goal of giving a dwelling 
for every one , the all-pervading 
Thrivikraman traverses the earth 
with one mighty stride(step). In His
benevolence , the humble aasthikAs 
repose with confidence and seek 
the safety of His lotus feet .
He , who is the noble progenitor , 
has made spacious dwellings for His
devotees .

We can thus begin to appreciate the great
Rg Veda manthrams on which Sage VyAsA based
his Srimadh BhAgavatham and the illustrious
effort of Sri NaarAyaNa Bhattadhiri to travel
along the same route shown by Veda VyAsA . 

Now coming back to the 5th slOkam of the 99th Dasakam
celebrating the naama mahimai of Sri GuruvAtha pureesan ,
the Sri Vaikunta naathan , one can appreciate 
the Veda Saara aspects of this slOkam :

nO jaathO jAyamAnOapi cha samadhigathasthvan mahimnOvasAnam
  dEva srEyAmsi vidhvAn prathimuhurapi thE naama samsAmi VishNO
tam tvAm samsthoumi naanAvidhanuthi vachanairasya lOkathraysyA--
  pUrdhvam VibhrAjamAnE virachithavasathim tathra VaikuntalOkE 

Almost every word can be connected to the Veda manthrams
cited above . Since the length of this posting will get 
even longer, adiyEn will just give the meaning of this slOkam:

(Meaning ): Oh GuruvAyUrappA ! There is no one born 
or yet to be born , who will understand the full measure
of Your mahimai . Therfore ,Oh Lord KrishNA of GuruvAyUr !
I recite incessantly Your divya nAmAs knowing well
that they alone are the conferrers of the most auspicious 
blessings . I recite Your glorious kalyANa naamAs of Yours 
residing over the three worlds at Sri Vaikuntam and eulogize
You .

Sri KrishNa BhagavAn of GuruvAyUr nodded His head 
to indicate that he accepts such naama mahimna sthOthrams
of His devotees and blesses them with His ParipUrNa 
anugrahams .

Sri KrishNArpaNam 
Oppiliappan Koil V.SadagOpan