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From: Velukkudi Krishnan (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 03:34:14 PDT

Tiruvoimozhi pillai vaibhavam part 3

After getting Eedu and other vyakyanas from Naloorachan pillai along with 
Inavayar talaivan deity, tirumalai azhwar went to tirukanambi to have alwars 
darsan. He had, and wished to bring back azhwar to alwarthirunagari. He went 
to tirunagari which was like forest and changed it to a lovely little place, 
renovated the whole temple and brought back azhwar to tirupuli. Due to this 
kainkarya he is known as satakopa dasar. As he did so many kainkaryas to the 
feet of azhwar we say " prasada labdha parama prapya kainkarya saline". His 
life line was Tiruvoimozhi and so he was called as tiruvoimozhi pillai.

Last rights to Vilanjolai pillai.
V. Pillai was not born in the so called upper caste. But had the krupa of 
Pillai lokacharya. He was at Tiruvananthapuram. T. pillai as per the wish of 
Pillai lokacharya went to T. puram and blessed will many important aspects 
of our sampradaya by V. pillai. When V. pillai attained acharyan 
tiruvadigal, it was T. pillai himself who performed the carama kainkarya. 
This was just like perianambigal performing for maraner nambigal. Later T. 
pillai considered his nephew as his son and named him as devaperumal after 
the nama of naloorachan pillai.

Mamunigal and T. pillai
The best part of T. pillai great life is the grace he showed to M. 
Mamunigal. As T. pillai reached old age, he was worried as to who would be 
the next acharya to receive all the treasure stored in him. As this time, 
azhagiya manavala nayanar (later known as m. mamunigal) son of tigazha 
kidandan tirunaveerudaya piran tadarannar (desciple of Pillai lokacharya) 
came and surrendered himself to T. pillai.

>From then on m.mamunigal learnt all the sampradayarthas from T. pillai 
including Eedu. When m. mamunigal gave his kalakshepa on Eedu for one year 
in Srirangam, on the conclusion Lord Ranganatha came as a 5 year old archaka 
boy and submitted the famous taniyan "Srisailesa dayapatram .....". Such was 
the greatness of acharya sishya sambandha of T. pillai and m.mamunigal that 
the Lord himself started this sloka on m.mamunigal revealing the daya of 
T.pillai on m.mamunigal.

Manavala mamunigal also praises his acharya in the following verses :
upadesa rathina malai - 1. "endai tiruvoimozhipillai innarulal..."

Artiprabandham - 12. "desantigazhum tiruvoimozhi pillai masil tirumalai 
azhwar ennai nesatal..."

Artiprabandham - 21. "tirumalai azhwar tiruvoimozhi pillai seerarulal..."

Artiprabandham - 22. " teedatra gnana tiruvoimozhi pillai seerarulal..."

Artiprabandham - 46."tiruvoimozh pillai teevinayon tammai guruvagi 
vanduyyakkondu ...."

Tiruvoimozhi pillai tiruvadigale saranam.

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