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Re: Reply to Post 3d) Classification of relas -Reply

From: Venkat Nagarajan (
Date: Sat Jun 19 1999 - 15:27:49 PDT

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian Wrote:

Advaita uses logic not known to man!.

>If it is not known to man, how would advaitins use it? :-).
>I am a staunch advaitin myself, but would like to know what
vishishhTAdvaitins perceive to be the  shortcomings in the
ontology, epistemology or soteriology of advaita, and how
vishishhTAdvaita makes up the short comings.
If your arguments are convincing enough, that would
help change my mind.

The statement is a figure of speech and not to be taken literally.
The statement is meant to convey the message that Advita
is a sudo-nihilistic philosophy.  Advaita violates one of the
fundamental axioms of the finite realm: i.e. two mutually exclusive
alternatives cannot both be true.  Notwithstanding the irrationality
of the theory, the fact that moksha is impermanent makes the
spiritual endoveour fruitless.

I have a firm axiomatic conviction about Vis'istAdvaita
Vedanta.  The purpose of my postings is to stimulate discussion
with those of similar inclination and not for the purpose of debate,
with the hope that our convictions can grow in magnitude.

I have no aspirations of trying to influence anyone.    If you truly
have doubts with regards to advaita and want to learn more
about its short comings, then I am willing to discuss issues with you,
within my limitations. If your intention is to initiate a debate, then I
must decline, for it is irrational to debate issues that have already been
discussed with conclusive results.  That is, Avidya as an adjunct
is the cornerstone of advaita; without avidya, advaita falls apart.
Not withstanding that fact that avidya has no scriptural sanction, the
lion of logic (Sri. Vedanta Desika) and our great RAmAnujAchArya have
undertaken scathing attacks of this concept( to explicate the fact that this
adjunct has been used to draw illogical conclusions.)  These counter
arguments are irrefutable!

I recommend you read Fundamentals of Vis*istAdvaita VedAnata:
A study based on Vedanta Des*ika*s:Tattva-MuktA-KalApa*, by
Sri. S.M.S. Chari.   If interested in a copy please e-mail me
personally.  I will personally get a copy from Buffalo and mail it
to you if your intentions are genuine.  Then read Advaita and
Vis'istAdvaita:  A Study based on Vedanta Desika's s'
by Sri. S.M.S. Chari

Respectfully Yours,