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Periya Thirumozhi 3.9- thayir veNNai uLankuLira amudhu seydha vulaguNda kaaLai!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 03:05:35 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

SarvEshwaran –who Out of His greatest grace and dayA, out of
His concern, in order  to save us from samsaaric afflictions, stays
permanently at Vaiguntha ViNNagaram Divya Desam. “Oh Mind!
you go and pay obeisance here and get saved!” (Let us take a pilgrimage tour 
along with AzhwAr and be blessed!)

Thirunnangoor Vaikuntha viNNagaram: (5 km from Seergaazhi)
Moolavar: Vaikuntha nAthan; ThaamaaraikkaNudaiya Piraan
(facing east)
Thaayaar: Vaikunthavalli thayaar.

1. The One- who ferociously tore the chest of HiraNyan and killed
him, (who had angered on his son Prahalada); the Most Youthful
Lord-who had (helped and) churned the Milky Ocean and distributed
the nectar (amirtham) to Devas; the huge dark cloud coloured Lord-
He stays most happily, at this place to enable His devotees enjoy
His Beauty and be blessed with great Anandham. This place is Vaikuntha 
ViNNagaram, where charming fishes jump with joy playfully, in the beautiful 
ponds located inside the beautiful gardens filled with most fragrant 
jasmine, seNbhagam, and serundhi flowers… Oh my dear mind!
You go there and pay your obeisance to Him! (Please read these ten
PAsurams in Tamil with rhyming tune! What a Poet! :valankoNdu kayalOdi 
viLaiyaadu naangoor vaikuntha viNNagaram vaNanghu mada
nenjE!”- the play of words, the narration, the scenery.. Superb… )

2. All directions shivered with the fear, the Devas got paranoid, - the Lord 
Narasingan appeared with thunderous noise, approached hiraNyan and dug His 
sharp nails on his broad large strong chest. That Swami, everyday stays most 
happily and willing at this sthalam of Vaikuntha ViNNagaram,
where the most scholarly brahmins knowing the divinely beautiful Vedas, 
Seven Swaras, etc.. who are of most virtuous qualities, stay in great 
This Thirunaangoor Vaikuntha ViNNagaram- Oh my mind! Reach there
and pay obeisance!

3. All worlds, the whole lot of oceans, - everything- He swallowed and 
retained in His stomach during PraLayam (Cosmic cycle);  He removed the 
sorrow and sin of Sivan, who wandered everywhere, with a skull (of BrahmA) 
stuck to his hand, seeking redemption; He is the Primordial Chief; First One 
- Mudhalvan; (Aam mudhalvan ivan” says NammAzhwAr); This Lord,happily stays 
here at this sthalam, of Thirunaangoor Vaikuntha ViNNagaram, where one sees 
everywhere the paddy fields, the tall coconut trees, banana trees, the betel 
leaf creepers, are all densely grown and the bees sing merrily, peacocks 
dance happily. Oh mind! Go there and pay obeisance!

4. The well dressed, beautiful young girl- SoorpaNakai- appeared at
Panchavadi, (where Rama, Lakshmanar and Sita were staying). Her ears
and nose were simply cut off when she tried (to wag her tail) some stunts;
she ran away yelling and crying to lankA. Such Greatest Lord, is
here residing at Vaikuntha viNNagaram, where the soolam placed
on top of the tall buildings (for beauty), tear open the underneath
portion of clouds due to which the peals drop from the clouds and land  on 
these buildings (wow! What an imagination by AzhwAr!). Oh mind !
Go to such a beautiful sthalam and pay obeisance!

5. For the lightning, slender waist like SitA Piraatti, the unparalleled 
Most strongest Rama bent His bow and aimed the arrows to let The twenty 
hands and ten heads of rAvaNA to fall on the ground-
Such Most strongest Lord is here residing happily at Thirunaangoor
Vaikuntha viNNagaram, where red paddy, senkamalam (Red lotus),
the fishes are all found along with other flowers in beautiful ponds, and 
where brahmins are found in large numbers. Oh mind! Please proceed to this 
sthalam and pay obeisance!

6. (AzhwAr now enjoys KrishnAvtaar!). Poothanai appeared as beautiful
young woman, and this infant Kutti KaNNan, made her fall dead after sucking 
her poisonous breast milk along with her life itself.. Not just that. He 
also made the tall huge marudha trees, fall flat and also destroyed the 
sakatAsuran (the wheel asurA); This Greatest Lord is staying at this sthalam 
most willingly, where brahmins (who are blessed with good most virtuous 
qualities of forgiving, helping those who seek help from them, due to their 
studying most truthful, most plain Vedas and their segments.. stay here. Oh 
mind! Go there and pay obeisance!

7. This Emperumaan- effortlessly swung the asurA (who had come as
A young calf in order to kill Kutti KaNNan), against the “viLaam
pazham tree” and killed him (it). Laos, He stole and ate the curd
and the butter that the young cowherd women had collected in pots;
In addition to this butter and curd, He also had eaten the whole
universe too(during praLayam); This most Youthful Lord is staying
here permanently at this sthalam, where kamugu trees, coconut trees,
betel leaf creepers, red paddy fields, sugarcane fields are all densely 
grown and is a fertile place. Go there and pay obeisance, my mind!

8. The One who destroyed angry narakaasuran,- the one who gave a
Portion of His ThirumEni ( Divine Body), for Sivan to stay- the One
who has the most strongest ChakrA in His Hands; the One who
has PiraaTTi in His ThirumEni; The Chief of Nithyasooris; -
He stays most happily and willingly at this sthalam, where ever
bloomed lotus flowers se~nkazhuneer flowers flood honey from them
due to which the farmers (in order to stop the flooding honey and
destroying their fields), build some protection measures( again..
AzhwAr’s imagination amazes me.. ). Such greatest wealthiest
place is Thirunaangoor Vaikuntha viNNagaram.. Oh  mind!
Reach this place and pay obeisance!

9. He (KaNNan) is the One who reclines and has YoganithrA on
ThiruppaaRkadal (Milk Ocean). Devas and Sages come in large
Numbers and pray to Him saying “Oh Our Chief! Lord! Please
show mercy on us”. This Greatest Lord, happily stays here at
this sthalam, where lovely fishes jump with joy in between the
paddy fields, and where large tall beautiful buildings hit
against the underneath portion of moon’s belly and make them
wear off.. Such a beautiful  sthalam is Thirunaangoor Vaikuntha
viNNagaram. Oh mind! Please go and pay obeisance!

10. This Thirumozhi is about the Lord of Thirunaangoor
Vaikuntha ViNNagaram. The Lord who resides here has
In His resplendent hands, the most strongest ChakrA and Sanghu;
This sthalam is praised by everyone on this earth.. This ten
PAsurams (on the Lord and the sthalam) is composed by the
chief of Thirumangai- the one who swings his sharp spear
to cut the body of his enemies; the yama of his enemies, named
Kaliyan. Those who recite these ten will be blessed to have (in addition to 
this earth), even Parama padham under their control.

Thirumangai mannan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dASan Madhavakkannan

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