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Re: Namaste

From: Mohan R Sagar (
Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 19:47:30 PDT wrote:

> I have some doubts regarding the Karmas.   In Gita, Sri krishan told that, no
> body is responsible for your karmas either
> it is good or bad.  The man can enjoy the benefits of his good karmas without
> having any problems.  But while enjoying
> his bad karmas, what type of help he can get from the god as his devotee?
> Because god is not responsible for his karmas,
> whether he can get any help from the god or not?
> I have one particular reason for asking this question.  After samasrayana, I had
> overcome many problems in my life.
> But since last few years, I unable to success in any thing.  I could not
> understand my mistake.  Generally when ever
> I get time, I will read devotional books like Ramanuja noottandadi, Gadya
> trayam, tiruppavai etc.  The persons not having
> any devotional interest are living in the society with plenty of happiness.  So,
> if the god is really cooperative to his
> devotees while enjoying bad karmas, why I haven't getting any help?
This morning, I was listening to a taped question
and answer session with HH Sri Tridandi Jeear
Swamy, and came across a question that was along
the lines of Sri Babji's.  The following are my
thoughts, inspired by HH Sri Jeear's wonderful

The strange and often times ironic set of
incidents which we experience really are the
essence of what life on this earth is all about. 
The reasons why the good suffer while the bad
succeed are explained by our sAstras as being
caused by the endless cycle of merits and demerits
known as karma.  However, karma can never be
captured in a snapshot, for it is ever changing,
and involves layers upon layers of spider-web like
connections.  And, really, learning to understand
it is really not as important as learning to deal
with it, because it will not leave us in this
material world. 

Sri HH compares the bound soul's struggle with
karma to a small candle flame swaying to the
changing winds.  The wind blows one way and the
flame moves that way, thinking that is heading one
direction.  But then the direction of the wind
changes and the flame is forced to go the other
way.  The poor little flame tosses, turns, and
sometimes feels like it is going to be put out -
until the very same wind that is about to blow it
out re-ignites it.  The series of incidents that
the soul faces in its journey through life, while
having meaning in the Cosmic view, certainly makes
each of us feel like the candle flame when looked
at from an individual perspective.

But, what happens when we place a canopy over the
candle?  The winds still come, the winds still
change erratically, but the candle flame stands
unmoved.  This canopy, this Protector, for each
and every one of us is Sriman Narayana Alone. 
When we seek Him as our Protector and surrender to
Him, He becomes a kavacham for us, giving us
courage and strength to face the changing winds,
the ironic set of incidents called life.  He
becomes a Guide, pointing us in the right
direction, back to our Home, which is His Lotus
Feet.  And, once we know Him and His Boundless
Love, we will find that after awhile the winds of
karma no longer matter.  For what develops is a
natural love for Him in return. So, our focus goes
away from karma to the desire to see Him, know
Him, and serve Him.  It is in this mood of
servitude, not the desire for some temporary gain,
that motivates us to worship Him through
recitation of such wonderful verses as the ones
that Sri Babji mentions above.  Complete servitude
and complete dependence upon Him are a joy and end
in itself, which once known, make all else

I hope this helps, Sri Babji.

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,