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Sri NaarayaNIyam : 99th Dasakam -SlOkam 2

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 20:13:35 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :
Today adiyEn will focus on the second slOkam 
and discuss its Veda Sambhandham .

The slOkam states that the AarAdhanam of BhagavAn
with a devout frame of mind would confer on one 
every kind of auspiciousness :

AadhyAyAaEshakarthrE prathinimisha naveenAya BharthrE vibhUthEr

BhakthAthmA VishNavE ya: pradisathi havirAdhIni Yaj~nArchanAdhou

KrishNAdhyam janma yO vaa mahadhiha mahathO varnayEth sOyamEva 

preetha: pUrNo yasObhisthvarithamabhisarEth prApyamanthE padham thE

(Meaning ) : Oh GuruvAyUrappA ! Thou art the One , who
is the primeveal, Adhi Purushan ; Thou art the KaaraNam
for this jagath and its vyApAram ; Thou art the One , 
who presents Yourself afresh in lovely an ddifferent 
forms every minute for those ,who lovingly meditate on You ;
Thou art the Lord of MahA LakshmI . Those who perform AarAdhanam
for You or offer Havis in their Yaj~nams dedicated to You or
those who read with bhakthi Your avathAra charithrams 
associated with your RaamA-KrishNa avathArams and
describes them to others are blessed with happiness ,
contentment and become yasasvins ( possesors of
undying fame ).At the end of his alloted time on
Your Leela VibhUthi here, that blessed soul reaches
Your Parama Padham to offer uninterrupted Kaimkaryam
to You there in the company of other MukthAs .

The Rg Veda manthram connectd to this slOkam is :

ya: poorvyAya vEdhasE naveeyasE 
sumajjAnayE VishNavE dhadhAsathi
yO jAthamasya mahathO mahi Bhravath-
sEdhusravObhiryujyam chidamyasath
---Rg Vedam : 2nd Ashtakam,2nd chapter,26th Vargam 

(Meaning): The devotee who peforms Aaradhanam to the Lord and 
offers havis to Him , who is the antharyAmi of the Sun, 
who is the primeveal, adhi purushan , yet also the most 
newly born One (because of the many new ways He presents
Himself to the devotees ), the self-born and the devotee 
who describes the great birth and charithams of the primeval
One , that type of devotees alone would attain non-diminishing 
wealth and ultimately reach the high status of residence
in the greatest of sthAnams (Sri Vaikuntam ).

Ya : VishNavE DhadhAsi is a key passage .
The other key passage in this ved manthram is :
" sravObhir yujyam cidabhyasat sravObhih "
This means the devotee , who hears (sravaNam ),
thinking nad realizing the Lord all the time 
attains Parama Padham . Sri NaarAyaNa Bhattadhiri
captured the essence of the Bhaagavatha SlOakm ,
which originated from Veda VyAsar and retained 
the Veda Saaram in his eulogy of Sri GuruvAyUrappan .

Sri krishNAya nama :
Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan