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Re: Sri Uu Ve VELukkuDi KrishNan

From: Sridhar Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 09:58:26 PDT

Dear fellow bhAgavathas

It is truly a matter of great AchArya kaTAkshAm and our mahA bhAgyam 
that we will have the opportunity of learning from someone as erudite 
as Sri Uu Ve VELukkuDi krishNan on the Bhakti forum.  His presence 
amongst our midst is a reinforcement of the nirhEtuka krupa of the 
lord that our dear nammAzhwaar aptly refers to as vidhi vAyppu (in 
kaiyyar sakkarathukkaru maaNikkamE).  It cannot be attributed to 
anything else.

Sri KrishNan's expansive knowledge of our sampradAyam and his 
tremendous mastery, nay fluency, with Aazhwaar/AchAryAl aruLiccheyals 
as well as an incredible ability to communicate (the vaagvaibhavam 
that is unique to our Acharyas) cannot be overstated.  It is truly a 
pleasure to listen to his upanyasams.  While it is not surprising 
that (in listening to Sri KrishNan's upanyasam's on tiruppavai, 
thirumAlai, acharya hrudayam etc) one born into such illustrious 
antecedents (After all, Sri Uu Ve VELukkuDI varadachar swamy is a 
legend) can only be so talented, it is both heart-warming and 
uplifting to come into contact with such divine and inspired 
outpourings of gnyAnam and bhakti.

This auspicious association can only be characterized in terms 
equivalent to that Sri Parasara bhattar in Sri Ranga rAja stavam 
refers to as "sambhandhAth swaathma laabhaha".

Azhwaar Emberumaanaar Jeeyar thiruvaDigaLE sharaNam