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Koorakulottama Dasar vaibhavam

From: Velukkudi Krishnan (
Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 11:16:51 PDT

Fm: Velukkudi Krishnan

Tiruvoimozhi pillai Vaibhavam.
(Koorakulothama dasar vaibhavam - included)

Namah srisaila nathaya kuntheenagara janmane
Prasada labdha paramaprapya kainkarya saline.

(Let my pranams be for Tirumalai azhwar, the one who was born in 
Kuntheenagara and who attained the befitting kainkarya through the grace of 
his Acharya)

Tiruvoimozhi pillai was named as Tirumalai alwar (Srisailesa) by his 
parents. His avatara was 41 years before the avatara of Manavala mamunigal. 
It was vibhava year (1290 A.D) vaikasi visakam. So was he called Satakopa 
Dasa. His avatarasthalam was Kuntheenagaram near Madurai in poorvasikai 
kulam. It is interesting to note that all the brahmin alwars were 

Srisailesa's mother pleaded with their acharya Pillai Lokacharya, to bless 
her child. Acharya blessed and performed panchasamskara. Years grew and so 
the brilliance of the child. In these days, the Pandya kind died and his son 
was a minor. Recognising the intelligence of srisailesa, the ministers made 
him the representative of the prince. Tiruvoimozhi pillai steered the 
kingdom in a glorious path.

Acharya kataksham.
During islamic invasion, pillai lokacharya and others took Namperumal and 
fled out of Srirangam. They wandered and reached Jyotishkudi where Pillai 
lokacharya reached his last days. All the disciples, surrendered in their 
acharyas feet and requested as to what would be their future - whom do they 
treat as their acharya ? Pillai lokacharya could do nothing else than to 
remember Tiruvoimozhi pillai. He blessed him to become Darsanapravartaka 
leaving his duties as a king.  Pillai lokacharya also advised Koorakulothama 
dasa to teach Rahasyas to Tiruvoimozhi pillai, Tirukannangudi pillai and 
Tiruputkuzhi jeer to preach tiruvoimozhi, Naloorpillai for the rest 3000, 
Vilanjolai pillai for saptha kadai. After ordering so, Pillai lokacharya 
attained swaacharyan tiruvadigal on Jyeshta suddha dvadasi.

Nammalwar samrakshana.
Again during islamic invasion, Nammalwar was taken from Thirukurugoor to 
Malai nadu (Kerala). In a low valley of the high raised mountains of 
Mutharippu, alwar was kept safely in a box robed with chains. A great sole, 
Thozhappar, went to Madurai and gave this news to Tiruvoimozhi pillai. He in 
turn, after the invasion was over, sent a letter (srimukham) to Malayala 
king through Thozhappar. The King of Tiruvananthapuram, respected the letter 
and rendered all help to bring up alwar. Thozhappan went down the hills to 
its depth, sent up alwar and while climbing up, fell and attained 
paramapada. Even today their vamsa is called "Alwar Thozhappar". Malayala 
King reached alwar safely to a place called thirukkanambi. Alwar was there 
for some time.

Koorakulothama dasa and tiruvoimozhi pillai.
Srisailesa's mother , could not bear the demise of Pillai lokacharya and so 
she followed him to the abode. Srisailesa was taken care by his aunt (chiria 
thayar). Koorakulothama dasa ( as per his acharyas oder) made up his mind to 
severe srisailesa from his duties and bring him to sampradaya.

Koorakulothama dasa's avatara was in Srirangam, in Koundinya gotra, in Ipasi 
tiruvadirai. He got panchasamskara from Vadakku thiruveedi pillai. 
Tiruvoimozhi with commentaries, Sribhasya, Srutaprakasika were all blessed 
to him by Pillai lokacharya. Rahasyas were blessed by Azhagia manavala 
perumal nayanar.

One day Koorakulothama dasa went in front of Tiruvoimozhi pillai chanting 
Alwars Tiruviruttam. Tiruvoimozhi pillai, being a tamil lover, requested for 
the meaning. Koorakulothama dasa denied disrespectfully. The rajasevakas 
tried to punish K. dasa. Tiruvoimozhi pillai stopped it and told this 
incidence to his aunt. She iterated the connection between K. dasa and 
Pillai lokacharya. Tiruvoimozhi pillai was inclined to surrender to K. dasa 
and to start learning. However the time was not ripe. On a day, when 
Tiruvoimozhi pillai was going on an elephant, K. dasa stood on a high raised 
place and showed his real self. Tiruvoimozhi pillai realised him as Pillai 
lokacharya himself and surrendered immediately.  K. dasa also embraced him 
and decided to start the teachings as per the wish of their acharya.

to continue...