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Centenary Celbrations of Swami NammAzhwar

From: B. Narasimhan (
Date: Sun Jun 13 1999 - 16:54:21 PDT

Dear Devotees,

I have pleasure in giving you  a gist of the 51st
centenarycelebrations of Swami Nammmalwar held at
Alwarthirunagari  during 28th-29th May 99,  having  experienced
personally duringthe period.

1)  Eminent  vidwans  gave  discourses on Swami Nammalwar &
Arulicheyals  contribution tothe world of Tamil.

2)  Jeeyars  also  participated  in the proceedings  as well as
in the procession- Pattina Pravesam held on  the Vaikasi Visakam
Day - 29th  May.    Nearly  3700  devotees  particpatedin the
procession,  lead  by   eminent vidwans  carrying  srisukthis of

3) Earlier  a novel dance drama  on Nammalwar's life  andhis
deeds  was enacted by Sri Muralidharan trroupe  on 28th  night
in the presence of a large gathering.

4) Thirumanjanam and Theerthavari    took place   followed by
Sathumarai  on the 29th.

5) Srirama Bharathi  also gave  a literary  programme on the 29th

6) Valedicatory address  was given  by Sri U Ve Velukkudi
Krishnan, convenor of the Conference.

Kindly visit the Website created for Swami NammAzhvar at the
below address :-

Kindly do write back your comments and suggestions.


B Narasimhan