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AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM : Contents--part VI(Final )

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 12 1999 - 18:58:59 PDT

BhakthAs :

In this final posting , adiyEn will describe the contents
of the important section on the daily Bhagavadh AarAdghanam , 
very dear to all initiated Sri VaishNavAs . Great care 
has been taken to make sure that the AarAdhanam is performed
exactly according to the way in which yathIsvarAs ,
paramikAnthi SaarvabhoumAs and temple archakAs perform
this AarAdhanam step by step.This section will be very 
helpful to those , who would like to know about 
the detailed procedure for the AarAdhanam and 
the ways of performing it with the initial guidance of 
elders and later with the help of the contents assembled 
in this section .

The AarAdhanam is enacted in this CD ROM in front of
ThirunArAyaNan and the performance is visualized by us
as done by the Bhattar and supervised by AchArya
RaamAnujA . Attention to the details and the care 
in delienating the use of the different vessels 
involved in AarAdhanam , the procedures for discarding
the theertham used for aachamaneeyam , Paadhyam , arghyam,
the way to hold the GhantA (the bell ) during ghantA sEvai ,
the relevant mudrais are clearly indicated .The prArthanai slOkams,
pushpa samarpaNam , Ghandha -DhUpa samarpaNams , 
Deepa samarpaNam , Manthram recitations , SaatthumuRai,
Vaazhit thirnAmAms are renderd exactly as prescribed
by our elders from ancient times . 

The AarAdhanam proper has been reviewed by scholars in India 
for this CD ROM section consists of the following parts:

5.1 preliminaries 
5.2 manthrAsanam
5.3 snAnAsanam
5.4 alankArAsanam
5.5 bhOjyAsanam
5.6 punar manthrAsanam 
5.7 paryankAsanam 

An explanation of these different aasanams
has been provided and that can be referred to any time
during the performance of the AarAdhanam for help .
Navigation has been made user friendly to move easily
from one section to the other .

Since it will be difficult to desribe the different 
stages of the AarAdhanam in  a short posting , adiyEn
will just list the various items covered in the AarAdhanam 
section of this CD ROM dedicated to AchArya RaamAnujA :

Maanasa AarAdhanam , SuprabhAtham , Guru ParamparA 
anusandhAnam , PaadhukhA vandhanam , Pushpa samarpaNam ,
abhishEkam , neerAjanam , gandha , dhUpa , dheepa samarpaNams ,
Manthra Pushpam ( Rg Vedam ,Yajur and Saama Vedams , Upanishad 
patanam ), RaamAyaNa , divya prabhandha patanams , Archanai for
PerumAl and ThAyAr , DasAvathAra NaamArchanai , BhOjyAsanam
( NaivEdhanam with vedam and ghantA sEvai ),Punar ManthrAsanam 
( PrArthanai ) , neerAjanam ( Rg Vedam ) , Divya Prabhandham ,
Saanthi paatam , ThaambhUlam , ANDAL aruLiccheyalkal from
ThiruppAvai , NammAzhwAr Paasuram (ahalahillEn ), ThiruppallANdu,
SaatthumuRai , Desikan vandhanam , Vaazhit thirunAmam , 
Desika MangaLam , AchArya Vaazhi thirunAmams from the present 
AchAryan to BhagavAn , Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan adaikkalalap patthu , 
ParyankAsanam with prArthanai in NeelAmburi raagam ,
AparAdha KshAmaNam prayer and namaskaraNam .

The care and diligence taken to make sure that the AarAdhanam 
is strictly according to the sampradhAyam is a very specail
feature of this section . This should be of help to youngsters 
and the beginners alike . Scholars in Sanskrit and Tamil are 
reciting the veda manthrams and Divya Prabhandham to make
the experience authentic . 

The fact that all of the steps are taking place in front 
of ThirunArAyaNan and AchArya RaamAnujA add a special
dimension of sanctity to this section .

It is the prayer of all of us involved in this kaimkaryam
that you all will acquire copies of this pioneering CD ROM
for your families and friends and help us pursue additional
Kaimkaryams based on emerging technologies like Multimedia ,
web page creations et al to serve the Sri VaishNavA community 
around the globe.

Daasan , V.Sadagopan 

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fond hope this CD ROM on the greatest of AchAryAs 
will reach as many BhakthAs as possible . 

May AchArya RaamAnujA's blessings be with you
and your families as always !

Daasan ,V.Sadagopan