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AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM Contents: Part IV

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 12 1999 - 13:11:35 PDT

Dear BhakthAs : Here is a brief description 
of the contents of the Grantham section :

2.1: VedArtha Sangraham 

Sri RaamAnujA created this grantham right in front of 
the Lord of Thirumalai , Sri VenkatAchalapathy and placed
it at His holy feet . This is an original and detailed
work on the contents and significance of the important 
texts of th VedAs and selected Upanishads .Our AchAryan 
also quotes from the smruthis and Saathvika PurANAs 
in recognition of their validity as pramANams and rejects 
the views of MeemAmsakAs and other rival schools such as
Advaitham , Bhaaskara , Yaadhava PrakAsa and places
Sri VisishtAdvaitham on its high pedestal and establishes
the parathvam of Sriman NaarAyaNA .He elaborates on 
the real Tattvam , Hitham ( means of attaining Brahman ) 
and PurudhArtham ( the supreme goal of one's life ) and
argues brilliantly for Sriman NaarAyanan as the material
and instrumental cause of this universe and its beings . 

This grantham section is visualized as nine gems (nava
rathnams ) for navigation purposes with the side bars 
of "philosophical Significance" and "Tell me More " 
for detailed information on these granthams with
appropriate audio clips of the original texts. 

The VedArtha sangraham section starts with the singing 
of the mangala slOkam set in SahAnA raagam . We see 
Sri RaamAnujA standing Before Lord SrinivAsan of Thirumalai
with anjali hastham and presenting this grantham
as samarpaNam at His lotus feet .He concludes this 
grantham with a statement that agaditha gatanams 
(irreconcilables)have been reconciled ( Sarvam Samanjaasam ).
Few select passages from this grantham and their meanings are 
given and excerpts are sung in SankarAbhAraNam and 
Vaachaspathi raagams.

2.2 and 2.3: VedAntha Saaram and VedAntha DhIpam 

These two are brief commentaries on the Brahma SoothrAs.
VedAntha Saaram gives the essential meaning of each of
the SoothrAs and adhikaraNAs for the benefit of the beginner 
in the study of our sampradhAyam. VedAntha DhIpam discusses 
the main purport of each SoothrA and stays away from 
the complex and terse analysis housed in his magnum
opus , Sri BhAshyam .

In the CD ROM , we hear the majestic , original commentary
of AchArya RaamAnujA of the first and the last Brahma Soothrams
in the VedAntha Saaram section .In the section on the VedAntha
DhIpam , we hear our AchAryAs' original commentary on
the last soothram . The accompanying graphics are 
soulfully rendered .

2.4 : Sri Bhaashyam 

This is the celebrated and voluminous work 
of AchArya RaamAnujA dealing with the Brahma soothrAs
of Sage BadarAyaNA .Using the select passages of Sruthi ,
Smruthi , Paancha Raathra SamhithAs and PurAnAs , AchArya
builds the edifice of Sri VisishtAdvaitham and rejects
Adhi SankarA's advaitham and BhaaskarA's BhEdhAbhEdham 
and other rival schools .The commentary of the first 
soothram itself is so elaborate that it is a sacred text
by itself . AchArya RaamAnujA follows BodhAyana Vrutthi 
on BadarAyaNa SoothrAs , AlavandhAr's Siddhi Thrayam and
Aagama PrAmANyam as well as the teachings of his five
AchAryans . 

The splendid graphics , the clear texts accompanying
this section of the grantham help beginners as well as
the initiated to appreciate the grandness of this grantham .

The philosophical significance section points out 
that the heart of the poet (RaamAnujA ) mingles with 
the mind of a dialectician . The recitation of the majestic
prose of AchArya RaamAnujA leaves one in a state of thrill .

Elaborate introduction to the First Soothram , the definition of 
the concept of PurushOtthaman and a mesmerizing rendering of 
the commentary on the last soothram are included in the CD ROM.
As one hears these passages , whether one understands their
meanings or not , the effect is like waves of bliss washing 
over us  and making us filled with Aanandham .  

2.5 : Sri GitA BhAshyam 

This grantham is a detailed account of the brief work
of AlavandhAr on Sri Bhagavath GItA revered as 
GitArtha Sangraham . The prapatthi doctrine is
incorporated in the commentary on the Charama SlOkam
of GitA by AchArya RaamAnujA . He establishes the absolute
supermacy of the personal God priniciple( Sri KrishNaa )
over the impersonal attribute (nirguNa Brahman ).

The section starts with the Mangala slOkam 
sung in the Raagam Aananda Bhairavi and a tribute to 
AaLavandhAr for his GithArtha sangraham on which this 
grantham is based .One sees Lord standing in front of
ArjunA 's chariot in the middle of the battle field
blessing the bewildered ArjunA with GithOpanishad .
The "Tell me more " section contains outstanding 
rendering of Charama slOkam in reassuring 
and majestic RaagA Naattai . This section ends with
a tribute to Sri Paarthasaarathy ( yathra YOgIswara:
KrishNo--) rendered in MeLa Raagam , Karahara PriyA .

2.6, 2.7 and 2.8: The three Gadhyams

Beautiful recitation of the sections of the three
gadhyams in rakthi raagams , beautiful , eye-filling
graphics of the Divya dampathis of Srirangam in their 
sErthi sEvai on panguni Utthiram day and animation of
Blue (the Lord's color ) and Gold ( Sri RanganAyaki's hue)
flowers falling on them as PushpAnjali are memorable
images that get etched in the onlooker's minds .The dialog
between Sri RangarAjA and the YathirAjA are recorded
in a brilliant manner. Extensive recitations of the lilting
and majestic passages have been recorded. One has to close one's
eyes and enjoy these recitations filled with Bhakthi and BhAvam.

The distinctions between the three gadhyams are 
described in the Philosophical significance sections .
The selection of the tranquil raagam , SankarAbharaNam is 
very appropriate for reciting passages of Sriranga Gadhyam.

In the Sri Vaikunta gadhyam section , the beautiful
graphics shows us the trance of AchArya RaamAnujA 
and his visulaization of Sri VaikuntanAthan with His Devis 
seated on Adhi Seshan in Sri VaiKuntam. This is an evocative
scene that is extremely beautiful to experience.Lengthy 
passages from the text are recited in a grand manner .
The three sections on the three gadhyams alone are a
delight to the eye and ear .

The philosophical significance sections explain 
that the purport of SaraNAgathi gadhyam is the 
SaraNAgathi doctrine (self-surrender or Prapatthi );
Sriranga gadhyam is identified as Sri RaamAnujA's
adoration of Sri RanganAthA with bhakthi and preethi .
Sri Vaikunta gadhyam is described as Sri RaamAnujA's
enjoyment of the supreme bliss of Sri Vaikuntam as 
experienced by MukthAs (liberated souls ).

2.9: Nithya Grantham

The ninth and the final work of AchArya RaamAnujA 
is a brief account of the daily anushtAnams of 
a Sri VaishNavA . Fifteen main points are identified
by AchArya RaamAnujA to worship Sriman NaarAyaNA in
the time honored way prescribed by the VedAs , smruthis
and PurANAs . The religious practises of a Sri VaishNavA 
that make him or her dear to the Lord are covered here
as adumbrated in the 12th chapter of Srimadh Bhagavadh GitA .
This way of worship is therefore called , " Bhagavadh-
AarAdhana prayOgA "and sets the stage for the next 
important section on how to perform the AarAdhanam for 
Sriman NaarAyaNA by an initiated Sri VaishNavan .

Graphics are connected to the ArchA murthy of 
ThirunArAyaNapuram and an excellent introduction 
to Nithya grantham is housed in the " Philosophical
Significance " section .

The nectarine content of this section of the CD ROM
dealing with the nine granthams of the great AchAryA ,
their purport , the audio clips on the original
passages is hard to describe . Blessed indeed will
be the owners of this CD ROM to enhance their 
Bhagavath-BhAgavatha Bhakthi and growing their 
ruchi for kaimkaryam to the divya dampathis.

In the subsequent postings , I will cover the AarAdhanam
section , Vaibhavam of AchArya RaamAnujA and the two
rare videos dealing with Thirumanjanam for RaamAnujA
at Melkote and the Vaira Mudi sevai of Selva PiLlai
( sampath KumAran ) of ThirunArAyaNapuram .

Daasan, V.Sadagopan

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