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AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM : Contents--part V

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 12 1999 - 18:04:38 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

AdiyEn wrote about the Incarnation , Charithram
and Granthams sofar . In this posting , I will write about 
the vaibhavam and VinOdham dealing with the two videos.
In the VIth and final part of thes postings describing 
the content of the AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM , I will
cover one of the the most important section on the external 
AarAdhanam for the Divya dampathis .

3.0 AchArya RaamAnuja Vaibhavam(from Digh Vijayam )

In this section , the graphics are the most important with
voice overs and animation .The section starts with beautiful
Thodi raagam played on the violin & Flute . Two incidents from
AcchAryA's digh vijayam are described in this section . In One , 
AchAryA and his sishyAs are ascending the seven hills . 
They lose their way in the forest .They meet a simple man ,
who was carrying water to his home .AchAryA asks him for direction 
and the man's answer sends the AchAryA into a trance because
of the implications of the answer that he received . The graphics
are simply beautiful .

The second  incident relates to AchArya RaamAnujA's 
krupai that led to Sri VenkatAchalapathy responding
to AchAryA's "recommendation " to grant Moksham to 
a devout lady , who performed sincere Kaimkaryam 
for the Acharyan and his kaalakshEpa ghOshti at Thirumalai.
The images of Sri Thirumalaiappan and the VimAnam that
takes this devout lady on an aereal chariot to Sri Vaikuntam 
in front of AchArya RaamAnujA are simply beautiful to see .

4.0 VinOdham

4.1:There are two small quizzes for changing the pace of the 
serious topics discussed elsewhere in the CD ROM .

4.2:Two Videos ( Thirumanjanam for AchAryan & Vaira Mudi sEvai)

The observance of the Thirumanjanam in the most sampradhAyic
way is a divine anubhavam to take in . Five BhattAchAryArs
of Melkote perform the Thirumanjanam to the accompaniment 
of Purusha Sooktham , NaarAyaNAnuvAkam , Saanthi Paatam 
with Naathasvaram music(ThOdi) in the background . 
The Thirumanjanam itself with sahasra ThArai, Sankha ThArai ,
various dheepAms/neerAjanams is a delight to watch. 
After Thirumanjanam , Our revered AchAryan enjoys alankAram and
is gently swayed on a dolai with music from auspicious 
Vaadhyams in the background . Rare indeed is the chance
to see this sacred Thirumanjanam performed for Udayavar 
at Melkote. The video quality may not be as high as one
would like to have , but under the circumstances of intruding
into a Vaidhika ceremony inside the garbha graham , it is 
difficult to do better.

The second video is about the Vaira Mudi Sevai 
for Sri Sampath KumAran , an uthsavam , which is as
famous as the Kaanchi VaradarAjan's garuda SEvai
and Thiruppathi BrahmOthsavam .

BhakthAs flock from every where for this extraordinary
Vaira Mudi Sevai that takes place after 10 PM and is
concluded before sunrise , since the tradition has 
it that the Sun's rays should not fall on the Vaira Mudi
adorned by the Lord .BhagavAn's darsanam in this video 
can only come our way due to poorva janma sukrutham .
The fan service as the Lord moves from side to side 
and forward is nEthrAnandham . Because of night time 
filming , the video quality is not as high as one would like , 
but the opportunity to have the darsanam of the Vairamudi sEvai 
at your homes around the year is a great BhAgyam .

In the next& final posting , I will describe the AarAdhanam 
for the Lord as laid out by the Nithya grantham of 
AchArya RaamAnujA .

Daasan , V.Sadagopan 
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May AchArya RaamAnujA's blessings be with you
and your families as always .