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Some facts and solutions

From: sathyam (
Date: Sat Jun 12 1999 - 04:53:36 PDT

Dear brothers and sisters,
                                     Adiyen just read some questions
about why good people suffer while others don't. Nice stories  where
told to  answer that question best. But adiyen like to share some with
you people which adiyen underwent when he asked the same question to his
Gurudev and his solutions to overcome the problem.
    Adiyen just narrated his problems to Gurudev, then Gurudev  said the
" There once was a mother who had two sons, one was good and other was
bad. Mother always scolded and beat the good son whenever he did
something wrong (at once). But she never even bothered to scold the bad
son when he did a blunder. One day the good son asked his 'Mother don't
you love . You beat me for small mistakes but you give full freedom to
my brother'. Mother said 'No, my son you got me wrong. I care for you. I
don't want you to make even a small mistake but i am tried with your
brother that i have washed my hands on him. It is not freedom.If you
have a problem i will be there to do it for you but he has to solve
things himself.'( this is just a story.Mother's don't hate their child
for sure in reality). If you are not convinced by this story stand by my
side and i will clear you in the end of the day". Adiyen stood by his
side. Lot of devotee came and narrated their problems. To some he gave
solutions , while others got a big smile. At the end of the day adiyen
started walking out of the room when Gurudev called back  and said " I
did not answer you? Did i?" . "But you have already answered them all "
replied adiyen.Lot of people have lots of problems but we never no them
all.We know only our own problems. He then gave adiyen some solutions.

1. Asked adiyen to make a survey . Adiyen has to asks two questions to
     Definition of suffering and happiness to each one of them he met.
    He gave a technique to arrive at an answer at the end. Gurudev said
" As you know that for a question there can be only one answer but there
may be many methods to solve them. If you get only one answer then you
know sufferings exits but if you get more than one answer then you know
a word 'suffer' doesn't exits". To my surprise Adiyen found out that
people had different versions  for sufferings and happiness..For some
more money means more happiness and to some more money means more
sufferings. So happy moments of some becomes unhappy moments for others.
Hence  it all depends on how you take it. Try not to differentiate
things. Be like Lord Rama  as told by Kambar "Showing his smiling face
to both good and bad and treating them in the same manner".

2. Sufferings or happiness comes to you only if you are caught by
Goddess Maya. How to get rid of Maya. Only way is to find the real or
Sat. What is real in this world. Instead of trying to think what
mistakes we have done it's better to think what is real in this world.
How to find that. Gurudev gave me a secret to find out that.
    "The objects or material that change with time are Maya or delusion
and those not affected by time are real" .If you follow this you may
find that God alone is real. Your body is not real ( since it grows in
size), money is not real, health, wealth, relationship, designation all
are not real. You forget your loved ones after a course of time. So this
is what Lord Krishna named as G~na Yoga in Gita. Do you know last but
not the least time by itself  is Maya since it changes. So never say "
My time is bad". You may say that only if you are caught by  Goddess
Maya. All this never happen in a day. It takes a lot of time  and mind.

3. Reading divine books and Divine Mantras are good only if you say them
from your heart knowing the meaning of it. Chanting the Mantra with
worries in the mind only has adverse effect. So simple and best way to
pray is through Meditation. It is not something difficult. It just an
exercise to your mind to relax it a bit as you do it to your body. At
first it only relaxes your mind or brain by it can do miracles if used
properly. Scientist have agreed that Meditating for a few minutes equals
hours of sleep. Do you feel you sufferings when you sleep deeply?. As
meditation progress a small light shines in between the two eye brows
called the Cosmic center or the third eye. At this point of time you
feel only your mind and the God himself nothing else .You don't feel the
body or the surrounding environment. You will feel the Divine Joy or the
Bliss. This joy can never be expressed. This remains even after you come
out of the trance for a few minutes. This Joy alone is real . Nothing
can be compared to it. All joy you had during your entire life time
cannot equal this joy. As you go deep in meditation for hours this small
light grows in size and engulfs you. At this point you become Lord Rama
himself. You won't differentiate between good and bad . You will have
the same smiling face to both of them and treat them equally.

   This is what Gurudev said to adiyen. It's all said easy but difficult
to practice but if you do Joy is ever yours.

 Jai Guru Deva.