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thoo nilA muRRam - part 32 - aAviyAi... amuthanAi ....

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jun 11 1999 - 06:04:09 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 32 - aAviyAi... amuthanAi ....

	It is more a "theen chuvai" to think  on  these  lines  and
further our thoughts in praise of Sri ArA amuthan. Hence  prior  to
presenting on Sri ArA amuthan and Sri Vaideeka vimAna vaibavam  out
of  Sri  praNavAkAra vimAnam  and Sri RanganAthan, a critical study
is discussed such that it reveals certain insights. A visit to  the
neighboring  thiru naRaiyoor is made to  recall  Sri  thirumangai's
anubavam  in  thiru  naRaiyoor.  Sri  thiru  mangai had many things
happening for him in thiru naRaiyoor. He was arrested and kept in a
confinement for 3 days without food and water by the chOla king for
want of the taxes that were  collected and not transferred  to  the
Government  treasury. The cell was in side the temple itself.  Then
Lord appeared  here and informed him of a treasure such that he can
bail out himself. All these were presented earlier with analyses on
Lord's eagerness (*) to fulfill Sri thirumangai's wishes and Lord's
"oodal"  in  delaying  his  wishes  as  well.  It  all makes one to
conclude that AzhwAr assumed the Lord in HIMself and his union with
the paramporuL in a very distinct way.

     He had made references to the three components that are mainly
constituting  this  union,  (ie.,  (parama) Athman,  prakrithi  and
chEthanan or sareeram of himself) and had his anubavam  by equating
the  LORD in 3  different kshEthrams to these components in his own
pAsurams. The first 2 components  namely  the (parama) Athman,  and
pRakrithi could be derived from  the   pAsurams  of  other  AzhwArs
besides thirumangai. The third component namely the "body" can also
be derived symbolically from the "act" of  the Lord HIMslef when HE
performed   samAsrayEnam   and   offered  pancha  samaskaaram   for
thirumangai at thiru naRaiyoor.

1. (parama) AthmA (Eswarathuvam)
2. prakrithi
3. and Body

The three corresponding Lords are

1. Amuthan
2. Arangan
3. Srinivasan of thiru naraiyoor or "naachiyaar kOil"

1. (parama) Athman  as "ArAvamuthan"
	The reason for deriving this conclusion  is  that  Sri ArA
amuthan is observed  by both Sri thirumangai and Sri nammAzhwAr as

"AviyE amuthE ena ninainthu urugi..." by thirumangai and
"Araa amuthay adiyEn ''Avi''akamE thithippaay.." by Sri nammAzhwAr

clearly states that thirukkudanthai ArA amuthan is  the  Athman of
(antharyAmi) for all.

2. Prakrithi as "Arangan"
Thirumangai pleads for mOksham mainly from "Sri Arangan"  as

"unthimEl nAmukanai padaiththAn ulagu uNdavan enthai emmAn..", and
"amalan Athi pirAn adiyArkku ennai  At  padutthi  vimalan...."  by

thiru pAn AzhwAr.

3. Body or chEthanan as vyuka vaasudEvan (near to  kumbakonam)  of
thiru naRaiyoor Sri Nambi is considered by Sri thiru  mangai.  Our
AzhwAr was initiated into the norms of Srivaishnavam  by the  Lord
HIMSELF ie..  SrinivAsa  perumAL  of  thiru  naRaiyoor  (by  doing
"samAsrayEnam"). Since this is the samAsrayEna kshethram ,  it  is
considered equivalent to the body. In thiru naRaiyoor,  one  would
also see the para vyukam of the LORD in his forms as

Sri  Para  vAsudEvan,  Sri  aniruththan,  Sri purushOththaman, Sri
shankarshanan, Sri prithyumnan, all  courting  in  equal "uruvams"
and  in the same celestial order and of the similarity in shape or
formation of  the  universe.  In all AzhwAr sees Lord  in each and
everything in their anubavam as similar to the "vAkku" in  Srimadh
Bagawath Geetha.

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan

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