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thoo nilA muRRam - part 31 - AthiyAi... AranganAi ....

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jun 11 1999 - 06:01:47 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 29  - AthiyAi... AranganAi ....

Dear bAgawathAs,

	It is understood from the previous parts that Sri  Vaideeka
vimAnam and Sri ArA amuthan were consumed  by  the  Sri praNavAkAra
vimAnam and Sri Arangan. HE later consumed  the entire universe and
even exhibited  it to Sri yasOdhai.  Perhaps it  was the start  and
this  trend continued when Sri Thirup pAn AzhwAr, Sri ANDAL and the
daughter of Sri kulasEkara AzhwAr, all went  and  merged  with  Sri
Arangan as well. With great reverence and enormous respect,  We are
also reminded  of  Sri  Velukkudi  swami  in  this  century(*). Sri
Arangan's "theerA thAgam" to "AtkOLthaL"  is  seen  again and again.
However,  the point is that if one has a doubt that Sri ArA amuthan
and   Sri Vaideeka vimAnam were earlier merged into Sri Arangan and
Sri praNavAkAra vimAnam, there are ample examples from the AzhwAr's
period. Thus it is  important  to  note  that  Sri Arangan and  HIS
pranAvAkAra vimAnam are known for  this consuming, ever  since they
consumed  Sri ArA amuthan and Sri Vaideeka vimAnam.

	Sri  ArA  amuthan  and Sri Vaideeka vimAnam were present in
Sri praNavAkAra vimAnam and Sri Arangan all the days prior  to  Sri
ArA amutha vaibavam. Being a staunch Aranga bhakthAL one  would  at
times may think, Arangan ahzganA, Amuthan AzhaganA ? There is a pro
verb in tamil that says "Agatthin Azhagu mugatthil theriyum".  ie.,
when one's Athman is very peaceful, pure, sAntha roopi and co-exits
in a unique level with Eswaratthuvam,  the  thEjas  of  the  person
having such Athman is seen clearly from their  face  or  thiru muga
maNdalam. Such will  emulate 1000 kOdi (10 billion) soorya prakAsam.
When Sri ArA amuthan was present inside Sri Arangan, they both must
have been even more beautiful and several billion  times  brighter.
Since Sri ArA amuthan was present inside Sri Arangan HE can be very
well considered the "Athman"  of  Sri  Arangan  HIMself.  Similarly
(as a consolation for Sri Arangan bhakthALs), since Sri Ara amuthan
came out of Sri Arangan and had HIS vaibavam in thiru kudanthai, HE
may be seen as an avathAram of Sri  Arangan  as  well,  provided we
ignore for a moment, THEIR original  vaibavam  as  "contemporarian"
since several kalpAs ago. In a simple tamil thought adiyEn will put
it as follows.

	AthiyAi anaitthukkum muthalAy thalaivan
	AviyAi vinaittheekum mudivAy tholaippan
        aranganAi enthuNaitikkum uLaddakinAn avan
	amuthanAi enthanaithukkum theLurukkinAn avan

Simple meaning: He was the origin for all.  And  HE  was  the first.
HE is the chief for all.  He was the Avi or Athman for all as anthar
yAmin. HE is the end  for  all  the  vinais  or  karmas that  are so
scorching as similar to a fire (vinai thee). HE is the destroyer  of
all the vinais. As Arangan HE ate up the eight equivalent directions
and  everything  enveloped  by   them  (en thunai thikkum).  HE then
contained all these inside HIM (uL adakkinAn avan).  As Sri amuthan,
HE  melted (urukkinAn)  everything and anything (entha anaitthukkum)
into a very clear (theL) and transparent medium (water).

Another meaning for Last line: As Sri amuthan HE melted my entire uL
or agam (ie en anaithukkum uL) as well.

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan
(*) We are very happy to receive Sri Velukudi Krishnan's message in
the forum.

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