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AchaArya RaamAnujA CD ROM Contents Summary : Part II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 19:34:08 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

It is my pleasure to share with you the contents of
this rich CD ROM dealing with the life , works and message
of our revered AchAryan .Following are brief comments.
The beauty and the excellence of the content has to
be experienced directly .

Table of contents :

The CD ROM has the following 5 sections :
(1) Charitham 
(2) Grantha MaalA 
(3) Vaibhavam
(4) AarAdhanam
(5) VinOdhA 

The CD ROM starts with the anugraha BHAshaNam video of 
His Holiness, the present Jeeyar , Sri VaNN SatakOpa
Sri NaarayaNa Yathindhra MahA Desikan . 

Next , excellent animation of Sri RaamAnuja Divaakaran
( the rising Sun of Sri RaamAnujA )rises to dispell 
the darkeness of the aj~nanam and ViparItha Jn~Anam .
The back drop of the slOkam in sanskrit set to
the early morning raagam of BhUpALam is heard .
This sets the stage for the main navigation (menu) screen 
listing the 5 sections . I will highlight one by one 
the 5 individual sections below.


With the auspicious ThOdi raagam , the section starts
to show the six sub-sections of Sri RaamAnuja Charitham :

1.1: Incarnation of AdisEshan as RaamAnujA .
     Earlier avathArams of AdisEshan as LakshmaNA
     in RaamAvathaaram and BalarAmA in KrishNAvathAram
     are depicted thru excellent graphics .
1.2: RaamAnujA's Formative years under Yaadhava PrakAsA(YP) 
     and his disagreements with YP that led to the search
     for other AchAryan . The graphics of RaamAnujA as
     a student of YP , their differences of opinions 
     in intrepreting the meaning of the Vedic Text
     are beautifully portrayed . Hot tears rolling down 
     RaamAnujA's eyes and falling on YP's back and the excellent
     voice overs during the different intrepretations 
     of the sruthi passage are delightfully covered .   
1.3: RaamAnujA's spiritual Quest:

     The scene starts with RaamAnujA bowing before 
     Kaanchi PoorNar sititng in front of the PuRA 
     Mantapam at Sri VaradarAja PerumAL's temple
     requesting Kaanchi PoorNar to become his AchAryan.
     AaLavandhaar's arrival at the PerumAL koil and his
     prayer to Sri VaradarAja PerumAl to bless RaamAnujA
     to become the sampradhAya Pravarthakar , his return
     to Srirangam and reaching Paramapadham with three 
     unfulfilled wishes are portrayed next.

     Thereafter, the scene of Kaanchi PoorNA's dialog 
     with Lord VaradarAjA regarding RaamAnujA's questions 
     and the six answers given by Lord VaradarAjA are covered .
     RaamAnujA's entry into SanyAsAsramam before Lord VaradarAja 
     is a moving scene to experience .
     Lord's direction for RaamAnujA to seek Periya Nampi as
     His AchAryan and travel to Srirangam , the SamAsrayaNam 
     at MadhurAnthakam , arrival at Srirangam and the learning 
     under the five gurus are shown with excellent graphics and 
     audio clips. The beauty of the picture of the five Gurus with
     RaamAnujA ( Periya nampi ,Sri Saila PoorNar , ThirkkOttiyUr 
     Nampi, Thiruvarangap PerumAL Arayar and Thirumaalai AaNDAn )
     is so thrilling to see.  The tejas of the AchAryAs and RaamAnujA
     have been captured in a very effective manner by the graphic

I will cover the remaining sections in tomorrow's posting.    
1.4: RaamAnujA at Srirangam
1.5: RaamAnujA at Thirumalai
1.6: RaamAnujA at ThirunArAyaNapuram

Daasan , V.Sadagopan