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Periya Thirumozhi 3.7- "maNimaadakkOil VaNaghu mada ne~njE!"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 02:31:37 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr finds that his mind is still not saitsfied with His darshan and
Is longing for more; He says to his mind “Only for you, He shaows Himself so 
gracefully at Divya Desams. Only to allevaite all our sorrows and 
sufferings, He is there at ThirumaNi maadakkOIl and please go there and 
Let us go there and enjoy!

1. “Nandhaa viLakkE! ..Oh Sarva jnAnI! The lamp of Nithya jnAnam!
unbounded, immeasurable Greatest Lord! Master! The One who appeared
as Nara, Narayanan..! The dark, huge, Lovely formed black cloud like Lord! 
Our Swami! Please show mercy on us, who have no other refuge..!” Thus, Devas 
come here and praise Him at this place (of ThirumaNi maadakkOil..), where 
beautiful bees flock together from all directions and sing after drinking 
where trees give shelter and shadows to such bees with most fragrant smell 
spreading everywhere from its flowers- Such charming place is this sthalam. 
Oh my mind! Go there..

2. SarvEshawran- Sriman Narayanan – the One who removed the sorrows
of GajEndran, red eyed elephant due to its anger at the big crocodile that 
had caught its leg in the middle of the pond that day,- is here this 
sthalam. At this beautiful place, the tender red “coral- like” legged pigeon 
is with its  mate happily at the tall buildings’ top stories and its huge 
pillars, where the brightest shining sparkling jewels are impregnated on the 
metallic kalasams (pots) on the top.. Oh mind! Reach this  place!

3. The Lord- Sriman Narayanan who caused death to the crocodile that had 
trapped GajEndran (whose head shows wounds due to mahout’s hitting the same 
with the spear), and removed its sufferings, is here residing happily with 
Periya PiraaTTi. This sthalam is ThirumaNimaadakkOil where the river cauveri 
flows in such swift currents that it brings along the ivory tusks of
elephants that were killed by strong lions, the beautiful pearls, segments 
of the mountains and others-. Such charming sthalam is this. Oh my dear 
Please go there and hold on to it..

4. The Lord who rode on the beautiful Garuda, and chased away Maali asurA of 
Lanka and others, and the One who made them run away and hide themselves 
from Him- Such Victorius, most strongest Perumaan is staying in this sthalam 
of ThirumaNi maadakkOil, which is very famous for Brahmins living therein, - 
reciting the four Vedas,  grooming the three(?)  agnis (fire), performing 
the five(?) yaaghams, and knowing the seven swaraas (and its essence.. i.e.. 
the Lord), etc..
Oh mind! Go there and pay obeisance to Him at this sthalam..

5. Emperumaan- The Lord- who had sucked the poison from the breasts of 
Puthanai; who had hit the calf (asurA)  against the “viLaambhazha” tree, and 
killed the asurA effortlessly; who had befelled the Kurundha tree (by 
crawling in between); who had
enjoyed dancing and being with the girls of Aayarpaadi; - is here at 
ThirumaNimaada  kOil, where the flower creepers swing gently due to the 
movement of the leaves with the breeze, the cuckoos coo merrily nearby, the 
gardens where the clouds take a stroll and in which peacocks dance happily. 
Oh my dear mind! Please reach this sthalam
and pay obeisance!

6. The huge raakshasi, Puthanai, who appeared as a motherly figure, talking 
sweetly with a plot to kill the little “Kutti KaNNan” with her poisonous 
breast milk was killed simply and effortlessly by the Baby Lord.. All that 
He did was to suck her breast milk
along with her life.. His place is this sthalam, where buffaloes eat the 
sugar cane leaves and in order to cool down its heat (arising out of this 
eating sugar cane leaves) get into
the ponds wherein they stay for a long time and accumulate the lotus flowers 
and mud on their horns- Such fertile Desam is ThirumaNimaadakkOIl. Oh my 
dear mind! Go
there and pay obeisance!

7. The Lord- who had entered into the Lotus pond and tamed, played and  
jumped on the heads of the deadly poisonous snake “KaaLingan”(who breathes 
poisonous air by keeping His small Lotus charming Thiruvadi on its heads- 
That SarvEshawaran is here at ThirumaNimaadakkOil, where  the tall buildings 
have their flags hoisted at their top, where the moon lands up
(due to the flags that do not let the moon cross them at that height-
What a poet!) and the young women play with the moon,  the streets where 
these young women barter  their big pearls for white paddy seeds. Oh mind! 
Go and pay obeisance there!

8. SarvEshawaran- KaNNan- who had taken away the dresses of young girls (who 
had trespassed the saasthras and were bathing naked in the river), who had  
destroyed the small sand houses that they had built, who had danced and 
played with those not-yet-become adolescent even- (“muRRaa iLaiyaar”- so 
small girls of less than 7 years of age), who had enabled them be blessed 
with Parama bhakti (intense bhakti)
is here staying at this sthalam. Such young girls (of ~ 7 years of age) 
teach (sort of- by talking to) the soft spoken small red curvy beaked 
parrots, the “maRai” (Vedic statements), and they listen and then sing in 
this sthalam.. Oh my mind!
Pay obeisance here! (Read the pAsuram! Very rhyming and poetic!)

9. Brahma and other Devas come here at this sthalam and pray to the Lord 
saying “Oh SarvEshawraa! EmperumaanE! Lord! the One who has
Divine ChakrA and Sanghu in His resplendent Hands! The One who had
killed the seven bulls for joining the beautiful long tender shoulders of 
Nappinnai PiraaTTi!”.  This place, where the red, long legged beautiful 
crane birds join their partners The red Lotus flowers flood the ponds, 
thereby, acting as a protection on the dam (“madhagu”)(from spoiling and 
flooding the nearby fields.. What an imagination!). Oh my dear mind! Go 
there at ThirumaNi maadakkOil!

10. This ten is about the Lord- Emperumaan of ThirumaNimaadakkOil,
At Thirunaangoor, which is suurounded by the lovely gardens..
It is composed by Kaliyan, who is blessed with the performance of
Kaimkaryam to Emperumaan always, at all times (enRum thoNdaaya
… mangaiyarkOn Kaliyan”) . Those who read them will be blessed with:
ruling the whole earth surrounded by the oceans, as great kings riding
on huge elephants and they will be praised and respected by everyone
who sees them…

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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