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Re: Namaste & Ans to your question.

From: Bhuvana Nandakumar (
Date: Tue Jun 08 1999 - 11:34:01 PDT

>   Well Its actually a short story, Once Naradha asked the same
>question, and so Lord Sri Krishna asked him to go on a tour to >Bhooloka 
> >with him, and this is what happend.. at first they went to >a very rich 
> >man as beggers and asked him to give them some food.  >The rich man....

I find Sri Babji's narrative story interesting. I would like to point out 
that a similar story (with a different ending) is attributed to Guru Nanak 
and his disciple Mardana. (It is often given as an explanation by the Sikhs 
of today as the reason for their flock residing in all the continents of the 
world). The story goes that when Guru Nanak was travelling with his 
disciple, the doors of a particular village were shut to him. He turned 
around and blessed the people there saying "May they always have plenty and 
be happy". And when he experienced wonderful hospitality at another village, 
he cursed them and wished that the ills of the world befall those friendly 
folk. When Mardana wanted to know the reason for his behaviour, Guru Nanak 
said, "The happy ones will stay there and not pollute the rest of the world 
with their inhospitable nature". The good, humble and hospitable villagers 
at our second stop, will experience so many difficulties that they will be 
forced to leave the village and migrate to newer pastures. And thus their 
goodness and virtues will spread all over the world!

>Well if we all realize as per Meera " Dhuku maa sumila saab karaa,
>sukhumaa karaaanaa koii" Joo Dhukumaa kaaraa sukhuu kaaa haaa kaa
>oooiiii"  Well iam not so expert in hindi, but i believe the meaning
>ofit is, that everyone thinks of lord at hard times, but if we take the
>pleasure and the pain equally good, and pray to the lord as his
>blessings, the world will certainly be in a different plane."
>well please feel free to comment.

Would also like to point out that this couplet ('doha' in hindi) is by the 
poet Kabir and not Meera. And the lines are:
Dukh Mein Sumiran Sab karai, sukh mein karai na koi;
Jo sukh mein sumiran karai, dukh kahe ko hoi?

translated as:
everyone thinks of the Lord during times of sorrow/need, none in times of 
Those who pray to the Lord when they are happy too; why would they ever feel 

Thanks for the patient hearing :-)


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