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Re: Namaste & Ans to your question.

From: K K (
Date: Tue Jun 08 1999 - 08:30:32 PDT

Hi Welcome abord
    Well its a pleasure having you here, and your questions is a very
valid point...  
 Well once someone had same type of question and i remember very well,
coz they asked this question to one of ahobila mutt ahcaryas, and this
was the answer and i hope it hleps, 
  Well Its actually a short story, Once Naradha asked the same
question, and so Lord Sri Krishna asked him to go on a tour to Bhooloka
with him, and this is what happend.. at first they went to a very rich
man as beggers and asked him to give them some food.  The rich man
simply kicked them out form his home, and said dont you ever get into
my home again. Then Lord Sri Krishna turned around and blessed him with
many more millions in his bank, and walked away.. at that point Naradha
thought that Sri Krishna is Crazy.. and followed by they went to a very
poor Brahmin's hut, were by he is living his  lively hood, with the
help of a cow, he milks the cow, and gives it to the villagers and what
little food they give him, he lives upon that.. and one day he gave
milke to everyone and none gave him any food and all he was left was
one cup of milk for his lunch, dinner and also for the day.  At that
point lord Sri Krishna and Naradha went and aksed him for some food. 
He then even gave that one glass of milk to both of them and said iam
sorry this is all i have and he even gave that too.. Lord Krishna drank
that too, and walked away and blessed him in such a way that his cow
would die in a day or two and give him more sarrows in life.. 
well at that point, Naradhjeee thought he is really crazy and he
couldnt take it anymore, and asked sri krishna to explain his actions..
 Well then sri krishna said that he blessed the rich man with more
riches, so that he would be in more sarrows in this meterialistic
world, but if he realizes that he got all this through the help of lord
then he would purify himself, or else, this cycle of birth and death
for him is so certain.  Secondly for the poor brahmin, the only
attachment he had was the cow, and if got rid of that too, he would
then has no one except him and he would surrender completely, and
attain him in no time and give him the utmost fascinating life of
worshiping lord Krishna at sri Vaikuntam, and enjoy every other company
of bhagavatas at vaikunta loka.  so inorder for him to achieve that he
blessed him such a way.. 
Well if we all realize as per Meera " Dhuku maa sumila saab karaa,
sukhumaa karaaanaa koii" Joo Dhukumaa kaaraa sukhuu kaaa haaa kaa
oooiiii"  Well iam not so expert in hindi, but i believe the meaning
ofit is, that everyone thinks of lord at hard times, but if we take the
pleasure and the pain equally good, and pray to the lord as his
blessings, the world will certainly be in a different plane."  
well please feel free to comment. 

Servent of my Acharya.

--- wrote:
> Dear Bhagavatas,
> Let me introduce first.  My name is Babji, from New
> Delhi, India here.  I am
> 27years old bachelor having very much interest in
> Sri sampradaya and I undergone samasrayana in 1986.
> I have some doubts regarding the Karmas.   In Gita,
> Sri krishan told that, no
> body is responsible for your karmas either
> it is good or bad.  The man can enjoy the benefits
> of his good karmas without
> having any problems.  But while enjoying
> his bad karmas, what type of help he can get from
> the god as his devotee?
> Because god is not responsible for his karmas,
> whether he can get any help from the god or not?
> I have one particular reason for asking this
> question.  After samasrayana, I had
> overcome many problems in my life.
> But since last few years, I unable to success in any
> thing.  I could not
> understand my mistake.  Generally when ever
> I get time, I will read devotional books like
> Ramanuja noottandadi, Gadya
> trayam, tiruppavai etc.  The persons not having
> any devotional interest are living in the society
> with plenty of happiness.  So,
> if the god is really cooperative to his
> devotees while enjoying bad karmas, why I haven't
> getting any help?
> I am very much thankful, If any bhagavata can
> clarify my doubts.
> Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,
> Babji

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