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thoo nilA muRRam - part 30 - Sri RanganAthar and Sri ArA amuthan in Srirangam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Jun 06 1999 - 11:22:31 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 30  - Sri RanganAthar and Sri ArA amuthan in 

Dear bAgawathAs,

       Sri RAmA presented the Sri praNavAkAra vimAnam (that has the
Sri Vaideeka vimAnam in it) to HIS most ardent dAsan and friend Sri
vibheeshaNa AzhwAr as a "seer" or a parting gift. Sri  vibheeshanan
was extremely sad to take leave and go back to  Sri  Lanka.  He set
out on a long journey through the southeren skies. While on his way
he spotted a very fertile place surrounded by the water of  kauveri
and wanted to perform his anushtAnam. So he landed there  and  kept
the praNavAkAra vimAnam there and went to  the  river  bank.  After
performing his nitya anushtAnam, he came back to the site where  he
had kept the vimAnam. He tried to lift it and it would not move  an
inch from where it was. He tried with his best  strength  and  many
still it would not move. Fearing that he may not be able to do  any
thing to take it home, he was crying  aloud  and  was in a state of
deepest grief. Simple  words  cannot  express  this   sOkam  of Sri

	On seeing this, due to HIS  own mercy Lord Sriman nArAyaNA,
opened HIS eyes and talked to him. HE said,  "Dear  Vibheeshanan, I
have been wanting to come here for a very long time. There is a Sri
chandra  puskarani and a "punnai maram" here. Sri chandran and many
others are doing a severe  penance  seeking my arrival and presence
here for a very long time. Hence I am going to stay   here  and  do
"nityA vAsam" here. You cannot  even  shake  me  from  here.  I  am
resolved to stay here and I  cannot  come  to  the  lanka  that was
earlier brought to shambles due to the asura kingdom.  Further,  in
the east direction from here, (4 yOjaNa away), Sri brigu rishi  who
kicked  me  on  my  chest, is to be born as Sri hEma maharishi  and
he is going to be doing a severe penance seeking my  blessings  and
presence  there  as well. Sri mahA  lakshmi  who  was  residing  in
the chest that got kicked was very much annoyed  and  is also going
to be incarnating as Sri kOmaLa valli and is also going to be doing
a severe penance seeking to see  me  again. In  order  to  see them
and be with them, I am going to separate from here the Sri Vaideeka
vimAnam that is part of me, and go there and  be  there for anantha
kodi kalpAs there itself. I will do nityA vAsam there for  all  the
anantha kOdi kalpAs to  come (*).  You may come here once in a year
and do  an  ArAdhanA and attain the palan of doing ArAdhanA for the
whole year. HE thus convinced Sri vibheeshan and  persuaded  him to
go back to his kingdom in Sri lanka  leaving the twin  vimAnam  and
twin perumALs in Sri rangam.

      In the mAhA nagar Sri rangam, the lords were residing in this
very special twin form for many  years. ie., This special union was
a blessing that continued for many years.  It  is  said that during
all these time the twin perumALs and the twin  vimAnams were all in  one and 
the punniyA athmAs were  enjoying this. One may wonder  why  the Lord 
revealed the secret  about  the  twin moorthis and vimAnam and  their  
future plans to Sri vibheeshan. There is a reason there  that is being told. 
Sri vibheeshan did many prayatthanam to move or
even shake the  vimAnam  and the perumAL to  take back to Sri lanka. HE even 
prayed to  the Lord to  somehow come there. Lord said no to him.  However,  
an  inner part of  the Lord  is  going to leave for another place sometime 
later and there has got to be an explanation  for this. or else Sri 
vibheeshanan  would definitely wish that this
inner part of the Lord come  to  Sri  lanka   whenever   convenient.
If he comes to know later that "the Lord said that HE wouldn't move
from there, but HE moved with HIS inner part to thiru   kudanthai",
then he may feel really bad that the Lord had deceived him and  did
not keep HIS  promise  that HE would not move anywhere.  If  HE can
move from Sriramgam, then why not to Sri Lanka?   Instead of giving
an explanation on a  later day, Sri vibhesshan  was  provided  with
an explanation on the very same day when the Lord  decided  to stay
in Srirangam.  Thus Sri ArA amuthan vaibavam was  revealed  to  Sri
vibheeshan in advance.

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan


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