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Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 23:07:21 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,

Let me introduce first.  My name is Babji, from New Delhi, India here.  I am
27years old bachelor having very much interest in
Sri sampradaya and I undergone samasrayana in 1986.

I have some doubts regarding the Karmas.   In Gita, Sri krishan told that, no
body is responsible for your karmas either
it is good or bad.  The man can enjoy the benefits of his good karmas without
having any problems.  But while enjoying
his bad karmas, what type of help he can get from the god as his devotee?
Because god is not responsible for his karmas,
whether he can get any help from the god or not?

I have one particular reason for asking this question.  After samasrayana, I had
overcome many problems in my life.
But since last few years, I unable to success in any thing.  I could not
understand my mistake.  Generally when ever
I get time, I will read devotional books like Ramanuja noottandadi, Gadya
trayam, tiruppavai etc.  The persons not having
any devotional interest are living in the society with plenty of happiness.  So,
if the god is really cooperative to his
devotees while enjoying bad karmas, why I haven't getting any help?

I am very much thankful, If any bhagavata can clarify my doubts.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,