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thoo nilA muRRam - part 107 - palan for reading Sri sArnga mahimai

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 20:11:24 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 107 - palan for reading Sri sArnga mahimai

Dear bAgawathAs,

	Those who have been writing or telling the  mahAthmiyam  of
thirukudanthai Sri SArngarAja vaibavam in kali yugam will always be
blessed by Sri  ArA  amuthan  and  Sri  kOmaLa  valli  thAyAr  with
"sarvAbeeshtam".  Those who reads and hears these will also get the
same palan.

"Sri sArngabANOr vibavam subAspatham yEchrAvayantheehakalowyukE
  puram |
  chruNvanthithE thEshAmakilEshta thAyee bavathyasow sArngathara:
		---chapter 41 kumbakOna mahAthmiyam

	adiyEn  have  been  writing  this  series both to bring out
the mahimai of thiru kudantai Sri sArngarAjan and as well to  raise
some money for Sri ArA amuthan kainkaryam.  You  have  only heard a
"thuLi" (droplet) or you have only tasted a drop of this amutham or
nectar so far. It is our bAgyam that Sri ArA amuthan descended down
to this boolOgam.  It is our bAgyam that  these  series  are  being
written. It is a bAgyam that there is a  window of opportunity that
is being provided to everyone to join to serve Sri ArA amuthan. Our
perumAL  has given these opportunities. This is the  only window to
re-enter this particular kainkarya lOkam. Please dont miss this and
drift in dark space of karma vAsam.

	All  the jewelry of Sri ArA amuthan were robbed a few years
ago. Ever since many major ursavams were never celebrated. Some  of
the ursavams were not celebrated for  the last 5 years. There is no
need  for  anyone  to  enhance  the  beauty  of  Sri  ArA  amuthan.
kudanthaiyil sowntharyam prasittham.  Sri  AdisEshan  is looking at
the Lord's beauty for yugAs. ie., "vaittha  kaN vAngAmal  darisanam
paNNik koNdE irukkirAr amuthanai".  HE  is  named as ArA amuthan ie,
however much  one  may have a darshan of HIM, this nectar of beauty
is unsaturated. ie., evvaLavu parukinAlum thihattAthu or  ArAthathu
intha  amutham. However, our lord Sri ArA Amudhan has provided   an
opportunity  for  all  of  us  do  a  kainkaryam.  One  such  is by
sponsoring an amount that is equivalent doing a "thaila kappu". ie.,
applying the  thailam  or oil on the thirumEni of the  moolavar. We
use many brands  of  soaps for cleasning our body.  But  we  cannot
clean our AthmA with any of this cosmetics. It is not in our  hands
that  we  can  clean our AthmA of all its baggages. It is perumAL's
thiru uLLam that one's AthmA is cleaned. Many  times  a  sambhandam
with a "parama bhAgawathA" or  an  AchAryA  purushAL  initiate this
process. Doing a bAgawatha kainkaryam and thiru  AshtAkshara  japam
as initiated by an AchArya is the most effectice way. However, once
in several years or several lives an opportunity such as sponsoring
a  kainkaryam  for  Sri  ArA  Amuthan  comes and such has a similar
palan. The kainkaryam of thaila kAppu has its own inner meanings.

	It  is  conceived  that  all  our  Athaman also lies in HIS
sareeram. It  is very hard to realise this while being here in this
boolOgam.  JivAn  is  unable  to  realise  its swa roopam. It needs
cleansing. Doing  this "thaila kAppu" is symbollically  an   act to
cleansing the thiru uruvam  of  the  "suddha satthva" thiru mEni of
the moolavar. But the  underlying  thAthparyam is  such  that  this
sponsor of  the  thaila  kAppu (or those who do sankalpam to do it)
will  definetely  get an Athma suddhi when they do such for Sri ArA
amuthan.  Without  elaborating   further,  let  the  rest  of  this
thAthparyam be left for those to understand from this.

	A six pack of soap will cost us US $8 to 10 or a maximum of
$15. Can  we  not  offer our Lord the equivalent of this money ie.,
$10 ? or 15 $ ie.,  when  we  can  offord  to  clean  our  external
sareeram can we also attempt to  cleanse  our  Athman ?  Next  time
around when we buy a pack of soap or spend a $10 bill  or  write  a
cheque for something for $10 or charge our card for $10 or more let
us think about it.

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan

note: These last parts are presented in advance to plead to everyone
in advance. Sit back and kindly read the rest of the series as well.

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