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Re: Buddha

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 23:39:54 PDT

Dear Sri Madhvakannan,

Thank you for the wealth of quotes on this subject. However, you write:

>To those who disregard "maRai" (Vedas), or neglect Vedas (like Buddhism
>does) the whole life is like an oarless boat. The boat is left to the mercy
>of the waters. It has to go astray and haywire and wander aimlessly.
>Hence... Buddhism is Non vedic and is not reverred.

The question I had was not whether or not Buddhism was Vedic (obviously, it
is not, since Buddhists reject the Vedas), but whether or not Buddha is, in
some sense, an avataara of Vishnu. Being an avataara of Vishnu does not
validate Buddhism, nor am I asking for its validation. My only question is
how is it reconciled that Buddha is not an avataara of Vishnu with the
Bhaagavata verse which says that He is born in Kali Yuga as Buddha for the
purpose of misleading the atheists. I assume the following quote:

>1. Here's NammAzhwAr's pAsuram 5.7.5: (only translation!)
>Is there anything I have to enable You to come to me? It is You,
>who, on Your own, has to come; You are Great Dark Maayavan, who is
>capable of entering into any group and become one among them to mislead
>them;  (For example, You entered into Buddha and enabled them to push
>themselves  far away from You with no vaidheeka saastras (non Vedic )by
>misleading  them with nihilistic approach, which is not true! ) That is all
>for those who do not believe in You; But can You do that to Your adiyaar
>like me? You are showing Yourself so majestically at SrI varamanghala
... is the reconciliation. I assume that what is in the parenthesis is also
part of the translation? If so, how do Sri Vaishnavas describe Buddha,
seeing as how they consider him to be empowered by Vishnu ("You entered into
Buddha and enabled...")? For example, I have heard other Vaishnavas describe
Buddha as shaktyavesha avataara - a jiiva who is empowered by Vishnu for
some purpose. Do the Sri Vaishnavas posess similar terminology?

namo naaraayaNaaya,

- K