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thoo nilA muRRam - part 27 - sArngarAjan kOil veethees - a plan

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 18:15:33 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 27  - sArngarAjan kOil veethees  - a plan

Dear bAgawathAs, (*****)

	The thiru kudanthai kshEthram is never destroyed in praLaya
kAlam. This was created in the Athi kAlam. This holy temple city is
the nucleus of the entire world. This holy city is never  destroyed
in any kalpa. A kalpa is made of 72 chathur yugAs.  A  chathur yuga
is made of 4 yugAs in which our lord takes  several  avathArams  of
which the dasAvathArams are the most popular ones.

"Adi sittham mahA kshEthram kalpAnanthEshoo samsthitham"
		--- 63rd chapter, kumbakona mahAthmiyam

	We intend to present the details of the surroundings of the
temple inorder to show how closeley every walk of life is   knitted
closely with the temple of Sri ArA amuthan at the center of the web.

	The temple of Sri sArnga rAjan is situated somewaht in  the
center of this whole city. As presented earlier Sri sArnga rAjan is
very special in many ways. For such a very special lord  there were
several sepcial ursavams, nitthya ursavam,  and naimitthikOthsavam,
and such several ursavams that were *originally* planned  and  were
conducted. There are several buiuldings that are built all  around.
AzhwAr pasurams used to call these  as  mAda  mAligai.  The streets
that  are  surrounding  this temple are sannithi veethi at the east
and main entrance.  Thiru  kudanthai  Srimadh  AndavAn used to live
here in his poorvAsramam. Keezha veethi is running parallel to east
and the thEr or car is stationed here. There are two cars for  this
temple. Both are stationed here.

	The southern  street  or  thErkku  veethi  poRRAmarai  kuLa
veethi is situated on the southern side of the  temple.  There is a
shivaite temple known as "eZhai sOmEswaran temple" that shares some
portion of Sri ArA amuthan temple's compound. A shaivite chola must
have been the reason for this sharing. What was originally belonged
to Sri ArA amuthan in the southern side was sliced  vertically  and
given to this temple as per some natives of kumbakonam.

	The  famous poRRamarai kuLam in which the amirtha kudam was
stationed during pralayam is situated in this street. The   special
amirtham and the gene for shrusti is protected and safekept here in
this tank. So there is no need  to tell or write about the palan by
doing a snAnam or prOkshanam in this tank. One must do atleast have
a darshan of this tank and atleast do  "prOkshanam or sprinkle  the
water on their head with "sincer bhakti" if for some reason one can
not do a snAnam. One can access the tank through this street easily.

	This is a kadai veethi and  many shops are situated in this
and  some  are  even carved into the peripheral wall of the temple.
The mERkku veethi or the western veethi is a very narrow street but
crowded with so many shops of all kind. The famous Sri Ramar temple
is situated *near* the corner of the southern  and  western veethi.
Many  business  here  are  all  "seeval"  (beetle  nut  powder  and
limestone, ingradients used in thAmboolam) and "sunnAmbu" companies
that this city is very famous for. Western veethi houses SriLakshmi
nArAyana perumal koil. It is very hard to find this temple as  many
flower business shops are all around  in  a  very  crowded way. The
poovAsam or the fragrance of all the flowers  will  remind  one  of
"sEvai" to Sri ArA amuthan when one passes this western  veethi.  A
small  Sri  AnjanEyar  sannithi is also here in this veethi. Little
further to the western  veehti the famous shaivite temple Sri kumba
esswarar temple is there.  Sri  purandara dAsa delivered  that this
Lord Shiva of kumbakonam is the first  Srivaishnava guru and adiyAr
for our Sriman nArAyana (Sri ArA amuthan).

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan
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