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Buddha (was Re: On the worship of Vedic Gods and anya-devatas)

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 16:59:03 PDT

From: Venkatesh K. Elayavalli <>

>The expalnation for includig Buddha as an incarnation of Narayana is,
>as Buddha he discredited Vedas to save it from its misuse by jivas
>at that time. To me it appears similar to saying two wrongs make a
>right. I have not come across any of our purvacharyas and present
>day acharyas included Buddha as an avatar of Narayana, be it
>the 10 important ones or the 39  vaibhava avatars of Narayana.
>I will be glad to reconsider my view  if some one can point to works
>of our purvacharyas who have included Buddha as an incarnation of

There is definitely shaastric reference supporting the idea of Buddha being
an avataara of Vishnu. In the chapter describing the various descents of the
Lord, the following statement can be found in the Bhaagavatam:

tataH kalau sampravR^itte sammohaaya suradviShaam |
buddho naamnaajanasutaH kiikaTeShu bhaviShyati || bhaa 1.3.24 ||

When Kali sets in, He will be born in Magadha (North Bihar) as Buddha, son
of Ajana, with a view to deluding the enemies of gods (bhaagavata puraaNa

Is it true that Sri Vaishnava puurvaachaaryas reject the notion that Buddha
is an avataara of Vishnu? If so, how do they rationalize that, given that
the Bhaagavatam explicitly says otherwise? Just wondering.

namo naaraayaNaaya,

- K