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Re: On the Nature of philosophy

From: Venkat Nagarajan (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 20:48:36 PDT

Sri Srivats writes:

I conclude by insisting on the necessity to adhere to one philosophy,
atleast till our capabilities to abstract, scales to higher levels.
otherwise, confusion sets in, since we are unable to capture the
underlying oneness in the different philosophies.


Dear Sri. Srivats, difference is real.  Even a nihilist (buddhist) 
excepts difference to make his or her point.  Two mutually 
exclusive things cannot be the same;  truth is one, not many.  
Although two mutually exclusive axiomatic descriptions of the 
nature of reality can coexist , only one is truth.  
1. Cycle of creation and dissolution can either be eternal or
non eternal; it cannot be both.
2.  Souls are either created or not; both cannot be true
3.  Moskha is either real and defined as perfect and full 
experience of the bliss of brahman or undifferentiated 
consciousness; not both!
4.  Happiness is not the same as bliss; one is transitory the 
other is not!

I have stated over and over again, that the fundamental axiom
of Vedanta is that which is infinite cannot be explained in 
perfection in the finite realm, but most certainly in a most perfect 
manner.  Saying that all descriptions are the same is being 
nihilistic; this, is a common point of the neo-advaitans make use 

knowledge is an attribute of the Jiva, and BrahmajNAna is the 
subset of knowledge that is eternal.  This 
BrahmajNAna is eternal; thus it is independent of language.
However, while subject to karma, jiva must make use of mundane 
knowledge (language being one type) to manifest this 
BrahmajNAna; unfortunately that is a limitation we have.  
In fact, brahmajnana is never fully manifest, while the jiva is 
associated with the body, that is why we cannot confirm the 
full truth until we leave the body. 

In conclusion, Nature of reality is independent of everything and 
is immutable (i.e,it does not change over time.) The nature of 
reality has been expounded upon by those who are capable of it.  
As an ardent (one cannot be an ardent seeker until one 
develops a conviction) seeker of the truth about the nature of reality, 
the goal in life is to confirm this truth via experience and not to define 
or reinterpret the exposition, or even worse go directly to scripture 
(doubting the exposition.)

Superficial reading and mental processing will not manifest this 
knowledge.  A true seeker of mokshA will contemplate on the 
nature of reality continuously, so that the self manifesting knowledge 
can reveal itself.  These are things I have been contemplating on 
almost daily and continuously; one has to come to the conclusion, 
experientially that he is a jiva in bondage and nothing else, not a 
scientist, mathematician, or anything else.   

Please read this thoroughly and contemplate on it.  
I do not want to get drawn into a debate on the matter, 
since it is fruitless.  This knowledge is something 
that has to come through experience.  I wrote this posting to 
make sure those that are operating at the level of a mere faith 
are not misled by the nihilistic tone and not for argument sake.

Respectfully Yours,