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Re: On the worship of Vedic Gods and anya-devatas

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 18:02:25 PDT

Dear Sri Venaktesh :
The following passages from your posting are
very insightful.Thanks very much for sharing them.
>Periyavacchaan pillai mentions that an acharya should be the one
>         who has no interest in artha and kAma but yet lives
>         within the world and follows  the dharma, artha,
>          kAma (lokaparigraha) [and hence practices dharma, artha
>          and kAma]
>                   - maanikka maalai
> He further explains prapatti as "giving up one, and catching hold of
>another" So, in order to perform prapatti, one has to give up their own
>effort and catch hold of  Narayana.  This does not mean that you stop
>doing what you do. instead all it means is you perform the regular
>duties, free of any worry or apprehension that you will not be saved.

       How beautiful this thought is ! (V.Sadagopan )

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