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Nammalvar Tirunakshatram @ Singapore
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 17:48:30 PDT

Sri Nammazhvaar Thiru Nakshathiram Celebrations at Simhapuri,
29.05.99 (Visaakam).

At the Temple

The day started with 70 to 80 Bhagavathaas congregating as early
as 6am at Sri Srinivasa Perumaal temple onwards (Adiyen was happy
to be the first person at temple, since I had to spend until 3am
on a Tapeout at work and had to go home to start a happy day)
with almost every one of them in Madisaar and Panchakacham (many
with Urdhva Pundram).  There were excellent arrangements made at
the temple for Thirumanjanam of Sri Sudarsana / Sri Nrusimhan
followed by that for Sri Srinivasar and Ubaya Naachiyaar.  The
temple was reverberating with Mangala Vadhyam of Nadaswaram and
Thavil to the tune of "Bhaavayaami Raghuraamam".

Initially the Thirumanjanam was supposed to be for Perumaal first
and then Chakrathaazhvaar.  But at the last minute the temple
swapped due to the late arrival of Ubhayathaarar.  But it was a
Bhagavath Leela, since Nammazhvaar Sannidhi is on the ramparts of
Sri Chakrathaazhvaar Sannidhi, and it was a divine atmosphere for
us Bhagavathaas to wish "Happy Birthday" to Sri Nammazhvaar

The day started off with this Bhagavathaa Ghoshti of Acharya
Thaniyangal, Thirupalliezhucchi, Thiruppavai, Neerattam,
Thirukappu, Poochootal, Amalan Aathipiraan, Varanamayiram,
Kanninun Sirutthaambu and Thiruvaimozhi.  The whole temple was
filled with Mangala Dwani, reminding us of Sri Raama
Pattabhisheka Mahothsavam.

The temple authorities were filled with so much joy, that they
were talking about Simhapuri NAMA with great happiness to
visitors around.  To express their happiness and that of
Sri Nammazhvaar, they offered "Divya Sevai" to all of us and
"Perumaal's Vasthram, Parivattam" to our Thiruvaimozhi Naarayana
Dasar, Sri Madhava Kannan.  There could be no greater joy, than
witnessing this event.

Then after a short Sri Vaishnava breakfast there were two "Tharai
Vimaanam" (Aircon Buses), ready to ply us to National University
of Simhapuri, around 9am.

At the Hall

The hall was richly decorated with "Izhai Koelam" and several
"Divya Vasthukkal".  All of us have to quickly put up the "Sri
Vaishnava Banner" and the pictures of all Azhvaars and prominent
Acharyans for a visual treat.  Everyone was feeling a Wedding
like atmosphere and Bhagavad NAMA was in everybody's hearts.


Sri Madhava Kannan was standing with folded hands and started
reading aloud the "Sri Mukhams" we have received from "Sri
Poundareeka Puram Sri Gopala Desikan Swami", "Srimad Ahobila
Mutt" and "Sri Nanguneri Vaanamaamali Jeeyar".  Thanks to Sri
Madhava Kannan, Sri Sridharan and Sri Amal Narasimhan(grandson of
Estate Srinivasan) for procuring such Divya Mangalaasasanam for
Simhapuri.  We also read aloud the Srimukham of the Denver NAMA
convention.  Personally, Adiyen was mellowed to hear the words of
"Sri Poundareekapuram Andavan" swami.  This great Acharya("Sri
Gopaala Mahadesikan"), showered his blessings on all of us, and
noted that our Agenda had "Sandhya Vandanam".  He was joyous that
Bhagavathaas, abroad, still hold to these essential
Karmaanushtaanam.  He quoted Pramaanas to exclaim (his words are
enough as Pramaanas), those who fail Nithya Karmas, hold Nithya
Theetu, more unholier than a women undergoing menstrual periods.
The other Acharyas words reflected the same sentiment and
showered these lower Jeevathamaas with their blessings.

Greatness of Alwars

This session was reverberating with excerpts from the Azhvaar's
life, the Pradhaana Grantha's and Mangalaasasanam of these Nithya
Suris.  This session had a great number of parama
Bhagavathaas(Sri Anand, Sri Mukundan, Sri Ravikumar, Sri Uppli
Sridhar, Sri Achuthan) who spoke on our Azhvaars.  The children
were enacting the incidents in our Alwaar's life such as,
"Madhurakaviyaar questioning his Acharyan, Sri Nammazhvaar,
Etthai thinru engay kidakkum?", "Thirupaanazhvaar's Mukthi
incident with Amalanaathipiraan", "Soodi Kodutha Sudarkodi
Vaibhavam, with kutti Andaal Sri Hari hardly 11 months old in all
smiles for the act".

Sri Vaishnava Lunch catered from the Temple

Evolution of Vaishnavam, Leading a life as a Sri Vaishnava,
Importance of Vedas

Here Adiyen started with a short summary of Rig Veda as a seed
for Sri Vaishnavam, gradually tracing it down to Bhagavad Geetha,
and our Acharyas Words, to show their is no duality between the
Pramaanas and Sri Vaishnavam.  Sri Madhava Kannan, continued with
his eloquent rendering of Thiruvaimozhi and talked about Sri
Vaishnavam, and how our Alwaars have set a great example, for us
to follow.  He richly added Alwars words "like Ponnai Kondu Urai
kal Meeday" to explain the effect of Ashtakshara on our tongues,
"En Seivaen Ulagathiraey" the impact on seeing/hearing our Lord.
Sri Mahesh spoke beautifully on Vedas, with recitals of several
slokas indicating Parathvam of Sriman Naarayanan.  He also
touched upon the importance of Vedic learning with quotes from
"Siksha Valli".

Gajendra Moksham 

Smt Praveena Anand, a shining example for other ladies(the couple
had her Bhaara Nyasam with Srimad Azhagiya Singhar a few months
back and always present themselves with Divya roopam of
Madisaar/Panchakacham-Pundaram) and has embarked on delivering
beautiful Upanyaasams reflecting the views of our Poorvacharyas.
The word "Aathimoolamae" is still reverberating in our ears, and
hearing Praveena was bringing us to Sri Kulasekhara Alwar's days.
She concluded Gajendra Moksham with an appeal of reciting
Bhagavad Naama at all times("Sri Hari", "Govinda", "Madhu

Question and Answer Session

Here Sri Madhavan spent some time, in chairing a panel, to answer
Saathvic questions relating to Sri Vaishnavam, and also made an
appeal to Sri Sarangapaani Perumaal Kaimkaryam(NAMA Simhapuri has
an initial pledge close to S$2000 towards this cause and towards
Araiyar's Kaimkaryam a similar amount, the bulk of it coming from
our own Sri Madhavan's Sathvika hridayam). 

Children's Sloka recital and painting of Dasavathaara pictures
The children took turns in reciting slokas.  Adiyen was surprised
to see playful small kids reciting slokas like "Gopaala Vimsathi"
beautifully and effortlessly.  Emperumaan's kataksham was fully
with us.


Sow.Prahaelika Sridhar & Sow.Kanchana Sridhar danced as Perumaal
and Kothai Nachiyaar for "Vaaranamairam" and they were competing
with Padmini and Rahini, since their hearts were filled with

Sri Krishna Premi's Upanyasam(Audio Cassette)


Sri Narasimhan's father, who appeared as Sriman Naarayanan
himself, for us, blessed the occassion and exclaimed his joy in
seeing the apparently young Bhagavathaas engaged in Divya
Kaimkaryam and Kalakshepams.


The meticulous and magnificient efforts of Sri Narasimhan's
family is the jewel in the crown of Perumaal for the whole
function.  From hall to food arrangements the family had taken
great efforts.  The ladies in their family, did not even count on
anyone to help with "Elai poduthal"(laying the leaves) to "Suttha
Paduthuthal"(removing the leaves and cleaning the place), and I
was watching with amazement their doing the chores with greatest
devotion and happiness.  It was Adiyen's Parama Bhagyam to be one
among the many to serve the last Panthi(seating) to these great
Bhagavathaas.  Sri Narasimhan's absence(he was in USA), was
missed in our hearts and not physically felt, due to his great
family.  After the Dinner, the Tharai Vimaanam, was ready for
picking up the Bhagavathaas to some central pick-up points in

Overall the event was Joyous, Memorable and bringing us the
complete grace of Sri Nammazhvaar.

Namoh Naarayana!  Nammazhvaar Thiruvadigalay Charanam!