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thoo nilA muRRam - part 25 - palan for reading the thala purAnam of Sri Amuthan

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 16:57:09 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 25 - palan for reading the thala purAnam of
			     Sri ArA amuthan

Dear bAgawathAs, (*****)

	There are  several  puNNiyAs  that  are associated with any
thiru kudanthai sambandam.  Some  of  them  are  presented  in  the
following. It was presented earlier as  to  what  are  the "puNNiya
palans" for a kshEthra vAsam in thiru kudanthai even  for  a  split
second and the prayers to Sri ArA amuthan and kOmaLa valli  thAyAr.
There may be many who for some reason or the other are not able  to
travel to kumbakonam. Such people need not worry either. Due to the
magnanimity  of Sri ArA amuthan, those whoever do a sankalpam or an
undertaking to goto  thiru  kudanthai  will  also  get some puNNiya
palan. It  is  considered  that  those  who want  to goto this suba
sthalam kumbakonam are themselves good in nature and dharma AthmAs.
Such will make their entire clan flourish well.

"kacchAmeethisa sankalpam kumbakoanm subasthalam"
ya: karOthi sa dharmAthmA sakulam dhArayishyathi"
		--- kumbakOna mahAthmiyam

	Ther may be some who are unable to even do a sankalpam  as
they are very old and are not able to make a trip ever. There  may
be some reason someone can never make a trip to  thiru  kudanthai.
No need to worry. dayALan Sri ArA amuthan still blesses those  who
either reads or hears everyday, these thala purAna mahimai with  a
sincere bhakti will be  cleansed form all sins or sarva pApAs.

"kumbakoNasya mahAthmiyam nithyam bhakthiyuthO nara:
  ya" padEth chruNuyAthvAbi sarva pApai: pramuchayathE
		--- Kumbakona mahAthmiyam chapter 64

	It is said in the 64 chapter that those who reads or hears
this thala purAnam of kumbakonam are to be worshipped  by  others.
ie.,  One may want to do ArAdhanam for these puNNiya AthmAs. Those
houses where this thala purAanam is kept  and  those  who  worship
this thala  purAnam  will  earn  countless  puNNiyAs. In the first
chapter it is stated that those who donot care  to  hear  or  read
this thala purAnam is a waste for the food itself and  "bAram" for
the boomi (vaiyam sumappathu vambu). It is also stated in the  1st
chapter that those who reads or hears this thala purAnam of  thiru
kudanthai are very special.

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan
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