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Sri ArA amuthan kainkarya palan

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 17:05:44 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 26  - Sri ArA amuthan kainkarya palan

Dear bAgawathAs, (*****)

	Those who do a sEvai or darshan of Sri ArA amuthan  on  Sri
Adi sEshan will be cleansed of all the  sins  including  the brahma
hathyai which is of the highest order of all sins.

"bruhmahathyAthayO kOrO: mahA pAthakasanjayA:
  kumbakOnsayanasya vishnOr nachyanthi darsanAth"
		--- kumbakona mahAthmiyam

	Those  who are unable to do this sEvai or have this darshan
right  away but are doing the prayatthanam  or preparation from now
on by even putting a one step, and are planning to  undertake  this
journey to thiru kudanthai, wanting to surrender to Sri ArA amuthan
will never be born in this boolOgam. They will definitely  come  in
contant with an AchArya and will eventually perform  the  surrender
or saranAgathi.

"pathamEganchalEthyasthu gruhAth bahirasangitha:
  SrisArngarAja sEvvArttham boothalE nabunarjani:
		--- 53rd chapter, kumbakona mahAthmiyam

	Those  who  do  the  nithya  ArAdhanam or  ursavam and such
kainkaryam for Sri ArA amuthan and Sri kOmaLa valli thAyAr will get
all the putthira bowdhrAthi samastha sampath and the bOgam  due  to
these "sampaths" as long as they live in this earth. They will also
get the AchArya sambandham and will be able to do prapatti and will
attain moksham at the end of this birth.

"thasmAtthathuthsavam lokE yE gurvanthi samAhithA:
  dhEshAm bOgancha mokshancha sArngapANir thathAthihi:
		--- 52nd chapter kumbakona mahAthmiyam

	There  is  reason  that  some good souls come forward to do
this kainkaryam. It  is meant that not everyone gets this kainkarya
prApthi. It has been said  in  the  beginning  of  this  series  of
articles that this is not merely a once in a life time opportunity,
but a prApthi that comes once in many lives. Those  who  get  to do
the hEma  pushkarani  snAnam  and darshan of hEma puthri Sri kOmaLa
valli thAyAr, and a bAgyam  to do  ArAdhanam  and  other kainkaryas
for hEma rishi's son  in  law  and  hEma rangan Sri ArA amuthan are
those who have acquired the palan of the severe "thapas"  they have
done in their previous janmAs.

"hEma pushkaraNee snAnam hEma puthryAchcha darsanam
  boojanam hEmajAmAthu: janmAnthara thaba: balam
		--- 53rd chapter kumbakona mahAthmiyam

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan

	Participating in this fund raising efforts is a kainkaryam
that is composite in nature, as  the  total funds may support many
of  the  kainkaryams  mentioned above and as well as renovation of
the temple. Please join in the kainkaryam for Sri ArA amuthan.

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