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Periya Thorumozhi 3.7- Se~nkaNmaalthaan koNdu pOnaan!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 05:08:22 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brother,

After the lady "AzhwAr" parakala nayaki had lamented to the Lord, it
appears He had taken her along with Him; the mother finds her
missing form the bed and here's azhwAr's cries in the role of
Parakala Nayaki's mother. Very natural. (Similar to that
of "oru magalai udaiyen; ulagam niraindha pugazhal.. Thirumagal
pOl valartthen; Senganmaalthaan konduponaan".)

1. Can I call Him a thief, a robber for having taken my innocent
daughter along with Him? I don't know. The Dark hued Youthful
Lord, called this narrow waisted, young beautiful girl and walked
away with her holding her hand that wears silver bangles. This girl,
leaving me alone here, goes off with Him, and this duo walking
away from me, (looking at each other with such an intense love for
each other)- will they reach Thiruvaali, the fertile Divya dEsam (or will
they get lost, beacuse they are not looking at the path..)

2.  Oh my neighbour girl! This Youth did lots of mischeifs that day
in Ayarpaadi. Now, this Lad, in order to taste those red bimbha fruit
like lips of my youthful beautiful girl, has entered into the house, and
started befriending her; This girl, falling inlove with Him, starts
following Him. The fish like those beuatiful eyes glittering and shining so 
bright, and  talking to Him sweetly like the parrots, will They  reach 
Thiruvaali? or not?

3. "These two are walking together"- this statement itself is so scary to me 
and this Young lad had cut the nose of the asura lady (Soorpanakai) with 
anger; Such strongest One is Rama. But now I am scared. My girl, the one who 
has tender, soft cotton like feet, who has long bamboo like shoulders, is 
walking off with Him;
She, without even being aware of the consequences, has gone with Him. Will 
They reach Thiruvaali at all?

4. This Youth's previous births - Khathriyan? I don't know. He os Young. He  
can blow the Conch which itself can scare and chase the enemies. Oh folks! 
Those who said that He went as a messenger to the kings, do you all know by 
any chance what is His birth? My darling daughter walks off with the Lord 
and Master of
ThirumagaL -MahAlakshmi, as her only support and partner. Will They reach 
Thiruvaali, which is full of beautiful ponds of Lotus flowers, where bees 
drink honey and dance happily?

5. My girl, who has lovely shoulders, does not even think of her mother, 
(i.e me). She has considered Madhavan - the Most wonderful Lord- the Most 
beautiful and Most virtuous Lord as the only refuge and support for her and 
thinks that she is for Him only. She has thus left me alone here and has 
gracefully walked off like a beautiful swan towards Him. This creeper like 
beautiful darling of girl of
mine, and He- will They reach Thiruvaali at all?

6. She has no conceren at all for us like "mother, father etc..". She does 
not even care that I am left alone here lamenting for my girl. She only 
longs for the bliss of hugging the beuatiful strong shoulders of His. that 
hugged Nappinnai PiraaTTi. This girl is walking away from me and joins Him, 
the One who resides at Srirangam, the One
who is the best support for Devas. Will They reach Thiruvaali?

7. She has absolutely no care about us, as father and mother. She is
desirous of only those most strongest arms of that master of Nappinnai 
Piraatti. This girl whose narrow waist conquers even the lightning and 
creeper, is walking away from me and joins the charming Most beautiful 
companion, Will They reach Thiruvaali, which is full of swans and lovely 

8. This girl, leaving all those soft tender games like siRumuRam,
pacchaikkiLi, pandhu, oonjal, and also that small bird that talks in a 
shrill voice from its cage, has walked away and I am not able see that 
beauitful darling daughter of mine, who wears brightest shining golden 
ornaments fully. She has walked behind that One who has eveyone (except Him) 
paying obeisance to Him, who has no birth or death. Will They reach 
Thiruvaali at all?

9. My girl, the darling daughter of mine, has got lovely dark, flower like
eyes. Thinking of her beauty and her nature, she can be even compared to the 
most fragrant, Most beautiful Periya PiraaTTi, Mahalakshmi, the one born of 
red Lotus flower. She has got a lovely gait like that of a beautiful swan. 
She has got bamboo like shaoulders. Since she was born from me- this 
"sinner" (mahaapapi),
she has no feminine shyness (lajjai),and has fallen in love with Emperumaan 
and gone to Him. I don't know if They will ever reach the most fertile, most 
beautiful Thiruvaali?

10. This girl, having no other accompaniment, leaving the mother alone  
lamenting, has gone and joined Emperumaan (who has fallen in love with her 
more than her love form Him). This ten pAsurams sung by Kaliyan the one who 
has sharp spear in his hands, are on "whether They will ever reach the most 
fertile Thiruvaali at all?". those who read (or recite) them with whole 
heart,will be protected by the Lord, the Chief of Paramapadham- 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SarNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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