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thoo nilA muRRam - part 24 - maNNai thinRAlum maRu vELai pasikkum vAzhv

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 04:54:18 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 24  - maNNai thinRAlum maRu vELai pasikkum                               vAzhvu

Dear bAgawathAs,

	These holy souls of kumbakonam are worthy of worshipping as
they are constantly humming the "kombuthEn" Sri ArA amuthan. I will
put it in my own tamil words as follows.

"vanchamillA Or vAzhvu  kudanthai vAzh vAzhvu
  eNrum illaiyE thAzhvu, mAsaRRathOr vAzhu
mannai thinRALum  maRu vElaiyum   pasikkum vAzhvu
maRu   piRavienum vERu malaiyudan yArukkum vAzhvu"

"azhagu thEr veethiyilE veerargaL
  nErmai maRRum neehtiyilE chOzhargaL
  anbum Atharavum tharu AthiyilEyE thOzhargaL
  dEvarkkum arasargaL amuthanakku adiyArgaL"

Simple meaning:

1st Song:

  There is no"vancham" or hatred in this life. Thiru kudanthai life
is such a life. Never there is a failure or thAzhvu in the lives of
those adiyArs of Sri ArA amuthan  of  thiru kudanthai. Even if they
eat they sand of thiru kudanthai such will  get  digested  and they
will feel hungry again for the next food. This is an atttribute not
only to the holy sand of thirukudanthai but mainly to the "kaLAngam
aRRa uLLam" of those who eat such sand. For such pure hearted vAsis
of thiru  kudanthai, even the sand will get digested if they are to
consume it. This vAsam of thiru kudanthai  will  cut  off the roots
of the birth death cycle like uprooting a mountain  as  similar  to
how Sri ArA amuthan uprootted the govardhan giri in HIS Sri Krishna
vibavam to save the Aaychiars.

2nd song:
   They are warriors in strength when they pull the thEr or car  of
Sri ArA amuthan through  the holy streets of kumbakonam.  (This  is
the second  largest "thEr" in  the  whole  world).  In honesty, and
justice they are "chOzhA kings" themselves. They provide  affection
and support from the origin of  our  life.  They  are  demigods for
dEvAs and celestial demigods themselves,  and  yet  they are parama
adiyArs of Sri ArA amuthan.

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan

note: An unfortuante reference is to  be  provided  here. A popular
dictionary of the olden days is supposed to have a (reference) term
kumbakonian that refers  to  one  who  is  basically  deceptive  or
cheating.  Apparantly it is told  that,  this was an experience for
several  britishers who were travelling by train passing kumbakonam
in  the colonial days. It was also believed that one of the mode of
freedom fighting was such  that  the "occupiers"   were deprived of
their possessions when ever possible. It is said that this  is what
had happenned whenever these "colonial train" pulls here for a stop
in the nights on its way to  Madras.  However  the  sory  goes that
those who were frequently robbed of their possessions  happened  to
coin a  term on kumbakona vAsis.

What is even more troubling is that in Andra pradesh and some other
parts of  the  southern  provinces  people  use  kumbakonam  as  an
adjective for something that has gone wrong. If a food  is  spoiled
they  would  say  that  "sAtham  kumbakonam  pOcchu". Some  even go
further to say that "kumbakona vElayai kAttRan". ie., He is showing
his bad tactics  of  kumbakonam. These are all kali's time and most
unfortunate utterings on kumbakonam and its vAsis. It is more  than
certain that only when a bad time is around a  person  will whether
knowingly or unknowingly utter such words  on  kumbakonam  and  its
vAsis and commit a "bAgawatha apachAram"  of  a  highest  order. If
anyone of you ever come across these misnormer please correct  such
atonce. Failing to correct or failing to tell  the truth and  going
along  will also assign one with a share of such  apachAram,  while
telling  the truth will get many puNNiyams.


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