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thoo nilA muRRam - part 23 - kumbakOna vAsam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 04:51:06 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 23  - kumbakOna vAsam

Dear bAgawathAs,

	The holy temple city kumbakonam has so much to offer. If  a
city is so spiritual, famous, and  popular,  what can one say about
the nagar vAsis of thiru kudanthai. The references from purAnAs are
presented  about  those "kumbakona  vAsis".  DEvAs, munis, yakshAs,
ghandharvAs  are  always   worshipping  those  who  are  living  in
kumbakonam. The following slOkam quotes this and ask us what else a
man can think of as  his strenght is he has to be worshipped by all
these celestial demigods ?

"Sri kumbakONE vasathAm narANAm kimasthi vakthavya balam subancha
namanthidEvA  munaya: cha  yakshA:  ghandharva  mukyAs sathatham

		--- 58 th chapter, kumbakona mAhAthmiyam

	People may live in this temple city, even for a very  small
amount of time such as either a "kshanam" or "arai kshanam", ie., a
split second or a second and pray to Sri ArA amuthan and Sri kOmaLa
valli  thAyAr and  surrender  to  the divya dampathis.  It  is said
that even such "Arai kshana vAsis" will get the punniyam of getting
an AchArya sambandham through which they will  become  eligible for
the  mOksha sAmrAjyam.

"kshaNam kshaNArtthamabivA kumbakONE vasanthihi
  mukthi sthEshAm hastha kAhi kimuthAkilasambatha:
		--- 52 nd chapter, kumbakona mahAthmiyam

	There is a simple reason for all these. If one  may  recall
the  explanations  presented  earlier  on  Sri  Boothatthu AzhwAr's
pAsurams on "kuda mookkai kOyilAy koNdu", it is explaiend that  Sri
ArA amuthan descended down here and assumed the whole city  as  HIS
temple. 33 billion dEvAs and all the rivers  and  indrAs,  brahmAs,
rudrAs and many are constantly worshipping HIS holy feet.  If  this
whole city is a temple, only a demigod who is an adiyAr of  Sri ArA
amuthan  or  an  adiyAr  who  has done  so muany puNNiyams in their
previous janmAs can get the kumbakona kshEthra  vAsam.

"janmAthara thabOyOgAth thathvAsObavEth nruNAm"
		--- chapter 2 , kumbakona mahAthmiyam

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan


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