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Re: Digest bhakti.v004.n001-Linga Prathistai

From: Kazhiyur Mannar Narayanan (
Date: Mon May 31 1999 - 18:41:58 PDT

Sri Sudharshan,
>2.In Devipatnam(Navabhaashanam), Sri.Rama prayed to the Navagrahas and 
>apparently Siva Lingaas at Rameswaram(since our Dhanuskodi
>Perumaal is now in Pammal).  These worship are not in the Mental plane 
>(like previously discussed Dhyaana Mantraas, where we have
>Dhyaanam of Sriman Naarayanan, and not Indra, Rudra, Sudarsan or Mani), but 
>in the Physical plane, which we are specifically
>encouraged as Sri Vaishnavites, not to practice.  In fact there are many 
>other instances found not only in Srimad Raamayanam, but also
>in Mahaa Bharatham. Any explanation on this topic is awaited eagerly.

Dear Sri Sudharshan ,

While i await a professional and clear explanation of your questions from 
our learned members, i cannot restrain myself from explaining your above 

No where in Sri Valmiki Ramayanam, there is a reference of Sri Rama Praying 
to Lord Siva.

As you would agree, Sri Rama (As per valmiki ramayanam) Had to rush to 
Ayodya to fulfill promise made to his brother Sri Bharathlwan.

the story of Sri Rama doing 'linga pratishtai' at rameshwaram are all 
fancied story according to selected saivatite works(??) and no where found 
in authentic Sri valmiki Ramayanam or Sri Kamba Ramayanam or Srimad 
bhagavatham etc..

some 10 years back i happened to read a book written by sri Puttur swami of 
srirangam titled "Linga Prathistai" which clearly explaines even to an 
agnostic /non beleiver how the very story of Rama Praying to lingam to do 
away with Bramhahatti dosham of killing ravanan, is false and history 
changed during later years.

views on the above are welcome from our most dear members.

Best regards


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