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Re: pAda-yAtra

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 11:50:45 PDT

I know for sure that Srimad Andavan - tirukkudandai never got on a moving 
car or vehicle ever after taking sannyasa. The surprise is that during 
purvashramam, it seems HH andavan hardly ever walked.  He was a prominent 
upanyasakar who was always taken to places in a good car by his devotees. 
After sannyasam, He walked all the way between cities and inside those 
cities also.

It was funny when HH.  44th jeer met Tirukkudandai andavan once..  HH 44th 
jeer asked HH. Andavan to just hop on to the Ahobila muth Bus, just to take 
a look. HH. Andavan refused several times.  then HH 44th jeer had to 
promise that He will not order the driver to start the bus.  After the 
driver got off the vehicle, then HH Andavan got on the bus to just look 
around what facilities are inside and said " romba nanna irirukku vandi", 
and jumped out quickly so that no one was going to play a trick on him. 
Obviously others laughed.