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Re: SrI deSika stotra-s - 8. SaraNAgati dIpikA.

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 19:49:59 PDT

Dear Sri Krishnamaachari :
Thanks very much for a delightfully informative 
commentary on Sri SaraNAgathi dIpikA of Swami
Desikan . The lucid commentary highlighting 
the angAs of prapatthi and Bhagavadh/Bhaagavatha
Kaimkaryam is most enjoyable .

Reading your article , the memory of the visit 
to ThUppul agrahAram and Swami Desikan's house there , 
his Own Sannidhi and the darsana soubhAghyam of 
one of his AarAdhana mUrthys ( Hayagreeva BhagavAN )
at the parakaala matam temple opposite to his ThirumALikai 
and the temple of Sri DeepaprakAsan right next to 
Swami Desikan 's house rushed back . Swami Desikan
must have taken part in the Veda parAyaNam and
AdhyApAka GhOshtis there at Sri Deepa Prakaasan's 
sannidhi . One hesitates to step on the ground 
at Thuppul agrahAram sanctified by Swami Desikan .

BhakthAs might be interested to browse 
the Home Page for ThUppul ( Sri Deepa PrakAsan's )
agrahAram , which is available from the links 
cited by Sriman VenaktEsh Elayavalli in his home page.

Thanks again for a wonderful summary ,