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Re: Progress Indicators
Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 12:23:13 PDT

Dear friend,

Thank you for your kind words.

Quite a while ago (maybe before you posted) I have discussed in Bhakti list
the very same issues at length. I have quoted extensively from Vajrasuchika
Upanishad as to how we can determine brahminhood in those who claim to be
Brahmanas. You can perhaps retrieve it from the archives of Bhakti list. If
you are not able to locate, you may feel free to contact me. I shall try to
locate and post it for your info.

The aspect of humility emphasized in our Prapatti tradition is also echoed in
Subramania Bharatiyar's " Pagaivanukku Arulavaai". Tiruvalluvar also says-
"Innaa seithaarai Oruthal Avar Naana Nannayam Seidu Vidal" 

Again, as for the Vaishnava, Srivaishnava question, that was the subject on
the topic "Saranagathi doctrine in Srivaishnava tradition" I talked at the
recently concluded Pittsburgh Sammelanam. I am presently preparing a write up
for TTD publication to be isued shortly on the meet.

Anbil Ramaswamy