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Re: bandus and jantus

From: sudarshan (
Date: Sun Jun 28 1998 - 08:51:49 PDT

Dear friends,

Sri.Krishna Susurla said about my last post :

> Hare Krishna! Although I can guess from context, can you provide an
> definition in English of the Sanskrit terms "bandhu," "jantu," and
> "akinchinyam?" That would help he to better follow these discussions.
> thank you for posting them. I especially found the quote from the
> by Yajnavalkya to be quite enlightening.
> yours,
> -- HKS

It is obvious Sri.Susurla has not been following the earlier posts of mine
this theme because the "explicit definitions" he has sought of "bandhu",
"jantu" and
"akinchinyam" have all been given already!

Sri.Susurla perhaps would like to go back to the earlier posts of mine
starting around May 6th I think. Please note some of my earlier posts may
carry the sender'
address "R.Balaji@lucasfie@md2".

Sri.Susurla may kindly read the previous posts and if he is still not clear
about the "explicit definitions" he is most welcome to raise the matter
with me
again. I will do my best to make it all clearer and to the best of my

I thank Sri.Susurla for his interest.