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Progress Indicators

From: Balaraman M Sriram (
Date: Sun Jun 28 1998 - 08:03:35 PDT

Dear  Sri Vaishnavas,

Time and again , the need arises to test ourselves to check if we are 
still in the correct path as instructed by our Acaryas.Due to time , 
place and circumstances we have to adopt a new activity , compromise an 
existing one so on...But over a period we dont really know what we are 
doing and what we have compromised. adiYEn has a check list
which might help all of us in finding our real position .

1.How many times do we get angry daily ?

2.Everybody should partake only prasadam or food offered to God; in this 
respect how many times do we visit a restaraunt/hotel for pleasure and 
forget about prasadam ? It is said partaking food not offered to God 
causes one to get the consciousness of the person who prepares the  
food(Interesting thought ?...)

3.Check your  possessions, see what is a basic necessity and what are 
the irrelevant and show off items you possess.

4.How many parties do we attend per week?.

5.How many mundane dicussions, we have with friends /neighbours per 

6.How much time you & your family spend a week in thinking and talking 
about God.

7.How many of you commit adultery in the mind if not physically.Shastras 
say all women except ones's wife should be thought of and treated like 
one's own mother.

8.How many of us indulge in Non-Vegetarian food stuffs including fish & 
eggs.As well	as items that contain eggs eg cakes. It is said that even 
milk bought in the stores 	of America has fish oil added to them.

9.How much television/Movies you see per day/per week. How much violence 
and bad news gets into your mind?

10.Last but not least, how many people still use Onion,Garlic,Drum stick 
and drink tea,coffee and of course other caffeinated drinks like pepsi 
and Alcholic beverages ?

adiYen thinks this might give us some indication of our spiritual 
progress and show us how much of a Vaishanava we are.

Humbly yours,


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