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Thiruvaaymozhi 7.6- When, How, Where will I able to see Him?

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sat Jun 27 1998 - 00:22:16 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

NammAzhwAr had enjoyed Bhagawaaan's guNAs, His glories and beauty in his 
mind. Now in this ten he longs to see His Divine exquisite beauty with 
his eyes, physically and enjoy to the fullest extent. He longs to see 
the Lord in His lovely, naturally beautiful form and be blessed. AzhwAr 
calls Him and longs for joining Him in these ten verses. He calls Him 
with his heart melting for Him and His DivyamangaLa azhaghu Sowndharyam.

1. BhagawaanE! The One who has the lovely lotus in Your navel! Are You 
NOT the One who created the vast three worlds? You are the One who 
measure them too with Your feet! You are the same One who (mercilessly) 
have lured me with Your Most Beautiful Lotus like Eyes, The long lovely 
hands, and captured me, who is alone. When will I ever reach You, Lord! 

2. Govindh! The One who lifted the Govardhana mountain effortlessly 
above His Head with His little finger! The One who danced with the pot 
(kudakkootthu)! The One created and exists in PachabhUthAs and all other 
sentient and non-sentient beings, as antharyaami and directs them too! 
The One who has everything in His SarIram (Body)! When will I be able to 
reach Your Red Beautiful Lotus Feet, (The one that is praised always by 
Sivan and BrahmA)? AiyO! (Alas!) Please show mercy on me, EmperumaanE! 
(here AzhwAr calls the Lors as "KootthaavO!" means: the One who danced 
so cutely that He calls Him "Dancer!".)

3. When there were rains cats and dogs, You protected the cattle by 
lifting Govardhana mountain, GovindhanE! In as much as You are my "uyir" 
(life) as the antharyaami in me, You are also the antharyaami in Sivan 
and BrahmA too, and have them as Your SarIram (Body)! How will I ever 
compose Your Greatness in such small verses? (and How will I ever write 
that in this 26 lettered English language?) You are the Cause (kaaraNan) 
for everything; At the same time, You, without any reason (i.e effort 
form my end, - out of Your sheer compassion and dayA), have saved me 
also! After all this, still I have Not reached You. You please do that 
also and bless me.

4. GopalanE! The One who has sweetest Most fragrant honey dripping 
ThuLasi Garland in His Head! You ARE the One, who is Most Beautifully 
and in Most Grandiose manner, who is the Chief of all Three worlds 
unambiguously! Sivan, The One who is much above and higher than all 
Other Devas is also directed by You. BrahmA is also under Your ruling. 
Indran, The One who has VaijrAyudham in his hands, and all his group of 
Devas, are also in such positions with Your dayA and mercy. Such 
Greatest Nathan- Nayakan- The Life of everyone- My Lord- My Emperumaan- 
When and Where will I reach You?

5. My KovalanE! (King!) My BhagawaanE! My karuMaaNickkamE! (Black 
Emerald!) I have been loitering in these worlds that You created and 
have been hearing Your Glories. I have been searching You everywhere in 
this vast land, (which was created by You, The Sarva sakthan). Having no 
sadhana anushtaanam, how will I ever be able to see and enjoy You here? 
You also, are staying comfortably at the inaccessible, far away, Sri 
Vaikuntam as the Most Beautiful, unparalleled Greatest shining form! 
When will reach Your proximity and reach Your Lotus feet?> How will It 

6. What a shining, beuatiful Red Silk Dress (Sempattu) on His waist! 
With that Divya Peethaambharam, adding to that beauty, the Red Lotus 
like Feet, The Lovely, round, curvy, navel, the long hands, the broad, 
Beuatiful Chest (where Sri mahAlakshmi resides most gracefully), the 
lovely, large, ruddy line, shining, darting, large mouthed, long Red 
lotus like eyes, - The combination and compound effect of these 
unparalleled beautie- What a sight IT IS! His Divya SevA- is like 
peerless, unmatching, invaluable Most precious Rathnam! The Blue light 
and lustre spans everywhere- the Red lotus rays spread everywhere along 
with the blue rays- mixing and intertwined with the blue colour- The 
Blue hued Lord's lovely- cutest Simply excellent form- is raining beauty 
form His body. Such Loveliest Lord- The One I  whose chest Periya 
Piraatti stays- I do not know how to reach Him and enjoy such an 
unparalleled beauty! What will I do? (Here when AzhwAr says "oru 
MaNickkam sErvadhu pOl", NampiLLai interprets that the MaNickkam 
slightly at an inclined position is lying down on the ThiruppaaRkadal 
(milk Ocean).

7. Periya Piraatti, The One who rules me- is also housed in Bhagawaan's 
Chest. He is the One who has Sivan (who is always with Parvathi in his 
body) in His SariRam; He is the Life and antharyaami of BrahmA, (who 
always has Saraswathy in him). Emperumaan is the antharyaami for Indran, 
and all other DevAs. He is the One who brought back the Earth in His 
Varaaha avataar. He (as anthayaami of Sivan) could make Sivan burn 
everything. He (as an antharyaami of BrahmA) enabled BrahmA win over all 
five sense organs. He (as an anthryaami of Indran) made Indran rule the 
Heaven. Such Akila jagadh Swamin- Asmath Swamin- when will I be able to 
see Him? (or will I die without seeing Him at all?) 

8. (In this ten, first two pAsurams say that Empereumaan is the Only one 
who is capable of being reached and served. 3 rd to Seventh - say that 
He alone is the ways and means to reach Him. This eighth and ninth talk 
about His capacity to destroy His enemies.). In UpEndhra (?) avataar, 
(can someone explain this avataar-?), When Emperumaan went to attack 
maali, sumaali (asurAs), they got so much scared that they ran away 
crying (with fear) like wolves and hid inside the caves. It was like the 
fox running away at the sight of the Majestic Lion. Emperuman rode on 
GarudA and chaed maali, sumaali and killed them. Will I be able to see 
such Greatest Valorous Lord of mine? 

9. RavaNan, the lankAsuran, was doing only wrong things and was carrying 
out acts against dharmA. Bhagawaan Sri Rama, fought against this RavaNan 
and killed the entire army of asurAs victoriously. Then He granted the 
lankA city to his brother vibhIshaNan and made him the king. He went 
back to AyOdhyA and after ruling it for many many years, He went back to 
His JyOthiswarUpam at Sri Vaikunatam. Such a Lord of mine is like the 
Lion in the midst of Nitya Suris. Oh Mind! Will I have the fortune of 
seeing Him? 

10. Emperumaan, when He appeared as Sri krishnan, did lots and lots of 
wonders even as a small boy. When He grew up, He went to Kamsan's sabhA 
with a lame excuse of playing in the Bow festival (vilvizhA) and used 
that opportunity to kill Kamsan. He enabled the Pancha Paandvaas to win 
aginst 100 Kauravaas in the KurukshEthra battle. Then He went back to 
Sri vaikuntam, as JyOthiswarUpam and stayed like the Lion among 
NityasUris. Such GREATEST Lord, will GRANT US the Sri Vaikunatm the 
Parama Padham  (that one CAN NEVER attain with their own effort at all).

11. SarvEshwaran, Narasimhan- tore HiraNyam's body and killed him by 
taking the form of Lion. About this ChakrAyudhapaaNi, Emperumaan- 
Thirukkurugoor SradaGopar has sung 1000 pAsurams. Out of thoese 1000, 
readers of these ten will be praised at Sri Vaikuntam and be fanned 
(saamaram) and sung by damsels in Paramapadham. (Here "pukka ari 
vuruvaay" can also be interpreted as " Emperumaan, an antharyaami, in 
HiraNyan, cam out of him by tearing his body into two as the Lion faced 

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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