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From: venkat (
Date: Sat Jun 27 1998 - 10:03:24 PDT

   "Shree Bhoomi Neelaa Sametha Shri Lakshmi Nrusimha ParaBramaneya Namaha"
   Dear Bagavadothamaas,
   To talk about a Bramhin's life...
   It is well known that he has to live only on "Unchavrutthi" as Swami Desiken  
   says "Naasthi pithrarjitham Kinchin namaya Kinchidhargitham Hasthimae Hasthi 
   Sailagrae Vasthu Paitha Maham Dhanam" 
   Our only "Dhanam" is "Kanch Perarulaan DhevaPerumal" a bramhin's life has to 
be something identical to the above..
   But at the same time a bramhin can also accept "dhakshanaas" only constraint 
is the same should'nt be expected or demanded or requested..
   He can earn for his living if he doesnt do anything for profit or he earns 
just to make ends meet...
   How else can a Braamhin in Gruhasashramaa can support those who are dependent 
on him???
   For the other "varnaas" adiyen exactly dont know the basic "dharmaas" not 
even to the extent what adiyen have understood about "bramhna" dharmaa..
   Let adiyen try and get some info from few "Dharma sasthraa" books and 
"Smrithis" like "Manu" "Gauthamaa" etc..
   If we see from a Bramhna Dharma point of view......... and how do we still be 
a "lowkiikaa" adiyen would request all the baagavadhothamaas to spare few 
minutes of their valuable time ....
    Adiyen father refers adiyen sometimes (whenever adiyen seek few 
clarifications on any matter concerning "sampradhaayaa" ) as "motti payyan" 
(mening a boy with no tuft (kuudumi))and adds futher that adiyen have no right 
in asking those and he always says it is enough that adiyen do my 
sandhyaavandhanaam and  the manthraa japamss (on what adiyen have gotten 
    He further adds that  a present day prapanna need not break his head on any 
obtruse aspects it is enough if he has "mahaa vishwaasaam" and obey basic rules 
laid by "shaasthraas" as it is not practical for many of us who has involved too 
much on"lowkiikaa"
 now if one feels that he can still balance both we have to simply try and 
follow whatever is possible from his way of living 
   there are many people whom adiyen know in pesron who still are able to 
balance both "lowkikam" and "sampradhaayaa" .they have 'shikaais' and 
"Dhvadhasaa urdhva pundraa" and do almost all their nithya karmaanushtaanaas and 
still attend offices and make good fortune(if not hell lotta fortune) out of 
their work..
   We should also understand that that whatever "karmaa" we do without "Shikai"
   is "vyaktham" (no one has any right at all to do any duties without a 
 Now let adiyen talk something more...
   If a "bramhachari"/"bramhin" fails to do "bramha yagnam"(just for exapmle 
adiyen want to refer to this..) he has no rights for any thing. How many of the 
"bramhins" do Sandhyavandhnama?? How many fot he "prapannas" cxhant 
ashtaaksharam,Dhvayam,Charmaslokam" "aacharyan's dhaniyaan".How many fo the 
gruhasthaas do "vaishvadhevaam" how many "bramhachaariis" do "samithadhaanaam"
   Sasthraas say "Kaala desha varthamaanam" we have compromised on so many 
things but the extent of compromise has gone to that extent that some time from 
now we will not know on what we have to compromise on as we would have 
compromised on all by then..
   So if at all we decide to follow our "varnaasrama dharmaa" and still be a 
"lowkiikaa" we should first decide on what we have to compromise... then we 
should never compromise on anything more...
   for example u can decide this "for whatever the place be for whatever the 
situtaion be i'll not miss my "sandhyavandhanaam" and i'll not miss (if "i" is a 
prapanna") my "asthaaksharaa"/Dhavyaa/charma sloka and other manthra japaas..(if 
one has had upadhesaam of)...
   adiyen is not telling something new or trying to is in everyone's 
mind but have they realized and acted according to that is the question.....
   Now having given a sample problem let adiyen also humbly present a few 
solutions what adiyen feel would be okay...
   adiyen is not making any advice to any elders or any one who is younger(in 
age only please ther's no one who is younger tahn adiyen in any aspect aother 
than age) as Swami Desikan says "oru aathmaa innoru aathmaavirku thanjaan illai" 
who is adiyen to tell or instruct or preach ??? ...what rights do adiyen have???
it is adiyens view that adiyen would like to share nothing more nothing less
   1)having "kudumi" has become somewhat out of custom nowadays...So those who 
are nearing fifties and those who dont have "kudumi" can decide to have kudoomi" 
atlest in the later part of life..
   2)the basic duty is to learn vedaas... nowadays not somany do ' so atleast 
learn "purushsuktha" the "taitriyaa" etc..(step by step)....
   3)Now what about "smearing" thirumaan..adiyen would never compromise on 
this... one can atleast have a light mark..remember "sree choornam" and 
"thiruman" have to coexist...why do we have to bother about others??? we follow 
our faith and it doesnt mean we are bosting or we are showing disrespect...
   4)Sandhyavandhanaam-- though it is said that only "barathaa" deam is 
karmabhoomi... adiyen still would feel that u can do your karmanushtaanaas any 
where..let adiyen not go in to the details of supporting my views on this..
   now at times one might have to hurry then u can chant reduce the rounds of 
gayatrhri may be 28/10...
   now one is travelling..... then one has to just chant within himself the 
"sandhyavandhana" mathraas that is enough..adiyen would kindly requset all to 
recollect the pramaanaam adiyen gave for the above few weeks back..
   5)Bramha yagnaam u can always chant either gayathri/ashtaaksharaa..this has 
   been suggested by my adiyen's father(who did kalaksheeba under "melpkaam 
swaami")whenevr any 'lowkeeka' urges...
   6)upanayaanaam it is requested to all the gruhasthaas to have  upanayanaam of 
their "Puthraas" done as early as possible..and it is not a costly affiar or a 
public function or a get together it is a "vaidheeka karmaa" that has to be done 
as simple as possible.
 ----- to be continued----------------------
 dhasaanu dhaasan