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Re: Experiences at the Land of Divya Desams - 5
Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 17:33:34 PDT

Dear Mani,

I agree with your views.

It is not always necessary to prepend Sri while referring to Acharyas. 

Someone suggested that whenever the Lord is mentioned, the pronoun should
start with an upper case and not the lower case (eg) He and not he ; His and
not his. The Lord's Soulabhyam is such that even normally we say Avan, Ivan
when referring to Bhagavaan. This does not mean any disrespect and an adament
adherence to the Case sensitiveness would only impart an artificiality to the
context. This is like the modern fad about asexual expressions so much harped
on by modern dictionaries.

The bootomline is that no disrespect is meant in either case. 

And, an indiscriminate use of expressions like "Adiyen" and "Dasan" without
understanding their meaning and purport also tend to make them look

The same holds good for the use of lower case i where upper case I would help
in a natural flow and the Naichyanusantanam (whether intended or not) on many
occasions simply does not show up in what is written.

These are my personal opinions and I may be wrong. If Bhagavatas  do not
agree, I would request them to please excuse for my views.

Yours sincerely,
Anbil Ramaswamy