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Compromising LifeStyles

From: Balaraman M Sriram (
Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 07:44:29 PDT

Keshava Das wrote:

>I just want to make the point that some people like to discuss
>Shastra but when it comes to the practical application of Shastra they
>don't want to compromise their modern lifestyles or politically correct
>views. Talk is cheap, what about philosophical integrity and commitment 
>follow shastras!

I cannot agree more with him, the above says it all.When it comes to 
practical application it all flies away. People want to enjoy their life 
styles, buy big houses in U.S, have a lexus , goto parties and talk 
religion like some sort of fashion. This is the tenet I have observed in 
many NRI's in U.S and else where.

Just quote from a book and stick to it without analyzing the nature of 
the instruction, its time of deliverance, to the audience to whom it was 
intended, nothing is considered.

I just have a question to all the By Birth Brahmins, according to 
Varnashrama system, a Brahmins duty is to teach about God. He should not 
accept any salary, he should have a Gurukula . His natural position is 
to be situated in God(Being in Sattva Guna).

How many such Brahmins are there?. By profession all this so called 
Brahmins occupy so many posts from Programmers  to Govt Officials, 
accepting salary.All such professions are Shudra work and as such all 
those who have those occupations are Shudras by work.
Isnt this a deviation from the Varnashrama system ?

This deviation from the traditional system is nothing but an allowance 
for the present time and life styles.

I just wonder , it is all easy to type this with a keyboard, sitting in 
your office... The bottom line is practical application.

Just my two cents...



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