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From: venkat (
Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 08:38:09 PDT

  "Shree Bhoomi Neela Sametha Shri Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabramaneya namaha"
  Dear Baagavadothamaas
  I) Adiyen made a great blunder in telling that prapathi is done only as an 
"anga" of bakthi yoga SORRY we have "angi" prapathi too ie which is not done as
  "angaa" of bakthi yogaa. 
  what is done nowdayas is "angi" it is done as a lagu upayaa as 
the seeker feels incapable of practiscing other yogaas..
  What mistake adiyen made!!!! I sincerely appologize  to all the                
  II) can  Mr Ramakrishnan Balasubramaniam tell what are the other points Shree 
Adi Shankara says against Pancharathra agamaa.
  Shree AdhiShankara in fact generally is against all "aagamaas" for obvious 
  It would be better if we could get the list of arguments against 
  samhithaas mean in general parts/group  Adiyen gave a rough anology and 
referred to them in the context of "aagaamaas"
  as stated by Shri Sadagopaachaar ( it might carry a 
different meaning when we refer it in some other context..
  dhaasaanu dhaasan